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As'Salaamu Alaikum Rahmantu'lahi ta''ala
(Peace Be Unto You With Allah, The Most High's Mercy


Amiyr Al'Hajj Abdul Latiyf
Abu Hamin

Amiyr Latiyf came to knowledge at age 13 growing up in the Mid-West, U.S. after being exposed to the teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.  As a older and more militant teenager, The Amiyr organized and led the largest anti-war activist youth group to date in the history of Long Island, New York where his family resided. 

Prior to being an "active" Muslim The Amiyr was a successful musician and political activist only after a "hard childhood".  Since he came from a "troubled childhood" where he participated in gang activity and "street life" with all of it's consequences The Amiyr early on had dedicated his "turned around life" toward helping those youth of similar circumstances to the pitfalls of "street life" and how to become legally successful, politically grounded and self-determined.

The Amiyr entered college in 1974 at the State University of New Yrok (Old Westbury) under a special program for "non-traditional historically by-passed students" where he was mentored by Charsee McIntyre, S.E. Anderson, Count Taylor and others in Black academics (Africentricity).  He completed his bachelor of Science requirements in 1979 and immediately came back to the Black Community to utilize his newly acquired skills for the liberation, service and development of African people.

Using the teachings of the Nation of Islam as a base The Amiyr fervishly studied during the 70's revolutionary Black Nationalism of H. Rap Brown; the Black Panther Party's social theory of change; Malcolm X's Islam, Stokley Carmichael's Pan Africanism, Marcus Garvey's Self-help theories; and after making a change to "orthodox Islam", during the late 70's and 80's The Amiyr studied the concept of the Ikwan'ul Muslimoon and Tassauf (sufism) under the Dar'ul Islamic Movement for over a decade while teaching in the Madrassah for that organization.  At a later point The Amiyr took allegiance to Imam Jamil Alamin (formerly known as H.Rap Brown) where The Amiyr sought to further his Islamic studies and continue to implement actions that would result in an autonomous African Islamic community. 

After his Hajj to Mecca in the mid-80's and his African sojourn, The Amiyr was introduced to the Sudanic theology of the Nubian Islamic Hebrews under Imam Isaa al Mahdi (Dr. Malachi York) and the Ansaar'ul Allah where he completed his Arabic studies.  It was there that he returned back to a more stringent commitment toward Islamic Black Nationalism with an orthodox Islamic African flavor.

From that spiritual encounter with the Nubian Islamic Hebrews, The Amiyr topped off his studies by joining the African Islam Mission (an affiliate organization of the Ansaar) under the teachings of al Imam Obaba Muhammad who taught modern day African Islamic Black Nationalism and it's connection with technology. It was at the AIM where he was promoted to the title of "Amiyr" from his tireless work as Ass't. Imam, counselor and confidant to that religious community.

For a few years, The Amiyr studied under Sheik Alpha'him Jobe of Guinea Islamic Law and Arabic until the Sheik's untimely death in 1996.

The Amiyr has lectured the philosophy of the African Islamic Mission around the US and has written several unpublished books relating to Islamic Africentricity.  His most prized writings include: "The Gulf War: An Africentric Islamic View", "The Incorrect Shahadah:The Polytheism of Arab Understanding"; "Polygyny as a Social Resolution To Fulfill God's Message"; and "Africentric Islam: The Sole Choice of Blacks born in the West". 

Amiyr Latiyf has taught elementary school to Black youth in private schools since the early 80's, teaching in Islamic and African-centered schools. His favorite subjects he has taught are: science, writing, Arabic, social studies and computer literacy.  Literally, hundreds of youth have benefited from his tutelage and have credited their individual successes from his firm, yet scholarly gentle manner of his innovative teaching methodology. 

The Amiyr has operated Black summer youth camps, Black after school programs and youth groups including African drum & dance, over the past 20 years in conjunction with his duties as teacher during the school year.  In the year 2005 he earned the school's prestigious "Teachers Choice Award" as best teacher of the year, that sits along with his many other commendations, awards and service recognition over the years from various educational institutions in N.Y. for his undying dedication to servicing Black youth. Currently, The Amiyr is teaching 'technology' to youth in Delaware and working toward opening up yet another Black institution for youth in that area.

As an entrepreneur, The Amiyr has operated a Cultural Shop, taught himself aromatherapy and has produced several products relating to natural fragrances.  In order to support his large family The Amiyr has traveled to many East Coast cites as an Africentric vendor of imported African products.  He is currently the founder and editor in partnership with his eldest daughter, Nia, of Onepeoples' ezine, a family operated Black Nationalist political, social and cultural edition designed to educate and illuminate African people of the "oneness" and "unity" of ourselves with all of our various spiritual, political and cultural individual philosophies.

The Amiyr's contributions to Islam during his lifetimes have been: the propagation to the African Islamic community the false teachings of Arabisms in Islam (namely the foundation statement of all Muslims, The Shahdah); the many newsletters he has written; the hundreds of students he has mentored in academic and life skills; the propagation and insistence on African Culture as a part of Islam; and his prolific writings that has inspired countless of Muslims and non-Muslims alike.

Amiyr Latiyf humbly has credited all of his accomplishments as a Blessing from the Creator Allah The Most High that seemed to be specifically aimed at him to fulfill his duty as servant to our people.  Secondly, The Amiyr credits his family Shoshana, Kaliymah and Aminah and all of his offspring for their support and similar commitment toward Truth, Freedom and Justice for African people without which The Amiyr feels he would have not accomplished anything over the last 20 years.

Allah bless the African Islamic Community, The Amiyr's family and all those who live and die for the "Struggle".



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