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The NEW Afrikan

"The term New Afrikan is not a fly-by-night in thing or fad premised (introduction or proposition upon which an argument is based) upon regional and geographical consideration. Nor is it only a mere physical reality. It is a re-awakened people, a spiritual force, part of the human family creating within themselves a socio-national conscience of paramount importance to one’s dignity, integrity, strength, freedom, security and stability. ...

There were many beloved New Afrikan sisters and brothers like Sojourner Truth, Denmark Vesey, Gabriel Prosser, David Walker, Nat Turner, Dr. Martin R. Delaney, Harriet Tubman, Ida B. Wells-Barnett, Marcus M. Garvey, Paul Robeson, Elijah Muhammad, Harry Haywood, Ella Jo “Fundi” Baker, El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz, Zayd Malik Shakur, George Jackson, Kuwasi Balagoon, Mtayari Shabaka Sundiata, Bobby Hutton, and Jonathan Jackson, only to name a few, who always acknowledged their Afrikan heritage, even under pain of death. 

The New Afrikan represents unity of mind and body of the highest order. Yet on this point there need not be any doubt who is the New Afrikan. Our history brings Us together. The bottom line is that, in slavery We came to Amerika from many different Afrikan Nations sometimes called tribes. Here We became one people, a New Afrikan people, and a New Afrikan Nation."
(by Zolo Agona Azania)


Positive Continental Afrikan Self-Knowledge Technology:
Or, to Know We Are Continental Afrikans, is to Be Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds (Hardcover)

by Afrikadzata Deku

Emerging Afrikan survivals : an Afrocentric critical theory

Emerging Afrikan Survivals
Author: Kamau Kemayo;

This work sets forth the guidelines for a changing Afrocentric literary theory for the African American literary corpus and applies that theory to three novels: Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man, Toni Morrison's Song of Solomon and David Bradley's The Chaneysville Incident.


Black sovereign, Nefertari A. Ahmose :
The Afrikan Diasporian Nation and Kushite Party's politics in the New World
Nefertari A Ahmose;
Instilling the Thirst for Knowledge:
How to Increase the Academic Performance of Afrikan American Males

Author: Shirley R. Berry;
Culture Bandits:
Annihilation of Afrikan Images
Author: Del Jones;

Anti-Afrikan Propaganda is a vital key to the survival of white supremacy. Any error in this area of the great white lie would certainly lead to the destruction of the world economic and communications order.

In short, this is the heart we are attempting to strike at to deal this evil force a death blow. A blow that would breathe life into Pan-Afrikansim in particular, and the exploited in general.


Afrikan Marriage Versus Slave Marriage and the Destruction of Black American Family Values

Afrikan Marriage Versus Slave Marriage and the Destrucion of Black American Family Values
Author: Shaka Saye Bambata Dolo;


The Journey to Truth
Author: Horus Muhammad Alkebu-Lan;


Who Will Speak for Us?
Author: Tayari Kwa Salaam;


Guide to Implementing Afrikan-Centered Education
Author: Kwame Kenyatta;
A Beginner's Outline of the History of Afrikan People
Author: Imari Abubakari Obadele;


Afrikan Free School
Author: Imamu Amiri Baraka;
The African-American identity crisis
Author: Horus Muhammad Alkebu-Lan;


Our National Name:  New Afrikan cultural identity
Author: Zolo Agona Azania;
Shattered Kente & a Maelstrom of Blackness
Author: Kiarri Cheatwood;
Teaching mathematics :  African-based themes for the classroom, an Afrikan [sic] remembers, African contributions, and issues in classroom management
Author: Institute for Independent Education;

Drugs Masquerading As Foods
by Suzar


Product image for ASIN: 1894946189

Coming of Age: A New Afrikan Revolutionary
 Author: Safiya Asya Bukhari;


Zolo Agona AzaniaWho is the new Afrikan?
Author: Zolo Agona Azania;


Rites of passage : Theory and practice (Afrikan American male)
Author: Clete Hassan Ladd;
Afrikan revolution
Author: Imamu Amiri Baraka;

Black to the Struggle with Afrikan Love

Black to the Struggle with Afrikan Love
Author: Lonnie Jawanza Spencer;


Author: Kwame Agyei Akoto;

Agyei Akoto has produced a volume that challenges all Afrikan people, particularly those of us in the United States, to confront with seriousness the responsibilities of educating for liberation, and the reality that the goal of liberation must be nationhood.

Product image for ASIN: 0972424067

Afrikan Alphabets
Author: Saki Mafundikwa;


A Story of Kwanza
Author: John Watusi Branch;


These materials were developed out of the need to incorporate visual and tactile reading activities with culturally relevant images. These phonic and handwriting activities are designed for 4 to 6 year-old pre-readers. Parents can use these activities in conjunction with other pre-reading activities such as alphabet flash cards, alphabet blocks magnetic letters, children's books, and/or alphabet puzzles.



The Sankofa Movement : ReAfrikanization and the Reality of War
by Kwame Agyei and Akua Nson Akoto

Addresses the unresolved issues of survival and development raised by such luminaries as Marcus Garvey, Martin Delaney, Drusilla Houston, Yaa Asantewa, Kwame Nkrumah, Franz Fanon, Kinjikitile Ngwale, Kimanthi, Omowale (Malcolm X), Queen Mother Moore, Cheik Anta Diop, John Henrik Clarke, kwk. It also provides extensive terminology, definitions, concepts and guidelines that fully operationalize what has been named (by the authors) the Sankofa Movement.

Truth Crushed to the Earth Will Rise Again! The East Organization and the Principles and Practice of Black Nationalist Development,
Kwasi Konadu

This book examines the historical, socio-political and cultural significance of "The East." It explores the efforts of The East to build and sustain viable community and family-centered institutions in the context of nation(alist) building. Nation building is defined here as the conscious and focused application of African people's collective resources, energies and knowledge to the task of liberating and developing the psychic and physical space that Africans identify as theirs.

The need for an Afrikan education
Author: Haki R Madhubuti;
Guide to Implementing Afrikan-Centered Education
Author: Kwame Kenyatta;
A guide to Pan Afrikan culture and history
Author: Majani Marefu;
Reparations, yes!
Author: Chokwe Lumumba;
Afrikan centricity
Author: Afrikadzata Deku;
Beautiful headwraps of Afrikan American women
Author: Aisha N.G. Abdul-Mateen Hajjah;
Afrikan Matriarchal Foundations
Author: Ifi Amadiume;
Afrikan Mothers: Bearers of Culture, Makers of Social Change
Author: Nah Dove;
The Ankh: Afrikan Origin of Electromagnetism
Author: Nur Ankh Amen;
Karibuni Afrika
Author: Horst Hagen;
Afrikan Theology Cosmogony & Philosophy
Author: Edow Butweiku I;
The Falsification of Afrikan Consciousness
Author: Amos N. Wilson;
Spiritual Empowerment for Afrikans
Author: Hugh Allwood;
The Afrikan origins of the major world religions
Author: Karnak House;

Magnification of the Conscience: A play concerning the maltreatment of Afrikan American women
Author: Yusuf Benjhamin Tafari;

The Race: Matters Concerning Pan Afrikan History, Culture & Genocide

The Race: 
Matters Concerning Pan Afrikan History, Culture & Genocide
Kiarri T-H Cheatwood

The authors give short shrift to the 1200 year (700 to 1900) hisotry of Islamic slavery. The Koran directly and expressly embraces slavery. Mohammed owend slaves and created slaves by military conquest. The Hadith contain many pages of instructions from Mohammed to slaveowners. Eurpopeans arriving in West Africa in the 1600 found a fully developed slave trade run by the Islamic empire. The Ummayad, Abbassed and Ottoman Islamic empires grew strong on slavery. 11 million Black Africans were enslaved by Islamic slave traders. Male slaves were castrated and forced to serve in the military of the Caliph.
Colonialism has been over for more than 50 years, some former colonies have progressed India, Hong Kong and Singapore, some have not. Time to look to yourselves. The tribalism and corruption of Africa holds it back.

Product image for ASIN: 1879289016

The Wisdom of the Ages
Author: Yaa Oforiwaa;


A crash course in black history:
150 important facts about Afrikan peoples

Author: Zak A Kondo;

This book proves that Europeans lied when they wrote Afrikans had no religion, no soul and were practicing Fetishism, Animism, Paganism and were cannibalistic. Great research among the people in West Africa

Kebuka! Remembering the Middle Passage Through the Eyes of our Ancestors
Author: Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti;

An Afrocentric Study of the Intellectual Development, Leadership Praxis, and Pedagogy of Malcolm X
Author: Andrew P. Smallwood;

Inside the Nation of Islam
by Vibert L. White

While many books have been written about the Nation of Islam, far fewer have offered personal accounts of life within the movement. (Sonsyrea Tate's Little X stands out in this small group.) Vibert White's Inside the Nation of Islam: A Historical and Personal Testimony of a Black Muslim is unusual...

Varieties of African American Religious Experience
by Anthony B. Pinn

Anthony Pinn's engrossing survey highlights the rich diversity of black religious life in America, revealing manifestations of an ever-changing black religious quest in four non-Christian indigenous movements. Based on extensive interviews, travel, and research---embellished with ample photos,...

Carlos Cooks and Black Nationalism from Garvey to Malcolm
Author: Robert Harris;


Black Religion and Black Radicalism
Author: Gayraud S. Wilmore;



A Nation Within a Nation
by Komozi Woodard

Sarah Lawrence College professor Komozi Woodard convincingly argues that Amiri Baraka was not only the most original black poet, author, dramatist, and cultural critic to emerge from the 1960s but also that era's most important nexus between the politics and artistic movements. 

Black Feminist Thought
by Patricia Hill Collins

In her introduction, Patricia Hill Collins states that her work is informed by the totality of her experience as the daughter of working-class parents, her education as a sociologist and educator, and her daily "non-scholarly activities" as wife, mother, community activist, sister, and friend.

Product image for ASIN: 080211623X The Farrakhan Factor
Author: Amy Alexander;

When African American writers come together to discuss the cultural importance of Minister Louis Farrakhan, says editor Amy Alexander, "loving him or hating him is not really the issue." The fact of the matter is, Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam (NOI) have had a demonstrable impact on American society, particularly African American society, which any assessment of his worth must acknowledge.

The essays here approach Farrakhan from varying standpoints. Some contributors, such as Henry Louis Gates Jr. and Michael Eric Dyson, try for total journalistic or academic objectivity. Others, recounting their personal experiences in NOI, have generally positive things to say about the minister and (most of) his teachings.

Product image for ASIN: 0306807211

The Making of an Afro-American:
Martin Robison Delany (The Father of Black Nationalism) 1812-1885

Author: Dorothy Sterling;



Kebuka! Remembering the Middle Passage Through the Eye of Our Ancestors
by Mwalimu K. Bomani Baruti (Author)

Remembrance is the process of finding what has been lost to memory. It is how we come to know ourselves again when others have confused our Way. Kebuka! Reclaiming Our Ancestral Memory is an essential tool for those who seek remembrance, for those who endeavor to find their Afrikan way.