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Information on African philosophies relating to Spirituality, Natural Healing and Religion; including ancient African Scriptures of Ethiopians, Israelites, Kemet (Egyptian), Yoruba, African mystics, Black Theology and Metaphysical writings.

"I and I be Coptic, Kemetic, African Hebrew Israelite, Akan, Muslim, Yoruba, Rasta, I and I be Spiritual, made in the image of The Most High"

"There is one body, and one Spirit, even as ye are called in one hope of your calling; One Supreme and Father of all, who is above all, and through all, and in you all. With this knowledge ye shall be renewed in the spirit of your mind; And ye put on the new man, which after The Most High is created in Righteousness and True Holiness." 

Embodied in this knowledge is healthy living, being balanced, harmonious in thought, and spiritual ideals. This knowledge can contribute to constructive thinking, accomplishment, and the betterment of the world in which we live.  Spirituality then, is an attained mental state of Conscious awareness. It is an attainment, possible here in life, now, through your own mental efforts. Spirituality is the state of accomplishment. It is just like the blossoming of a flower; it is the fulfillment of the growth of that flower. So, spirituality is the result of mental development onto Conscious levels.

"Every scribe which is instructed unto the kingdom of heaven is like unto a man that is a householder, which bringeth forth out of his treasure things new and old." Let us not despise the new because it has yet to show the polish that comes with age; likewise, let us not forsake the old simply because new things are appearing. If old things pass, it is only because their essence fills the new (Ecc. 1:9-11).

Come journey with us into our African world of Spirituality.  The following scrolls of enlightenment are here for your review or purchase.  If you should decide to buy, please make sure you do so through our affiliate program.  Gratitude. 

Afrikamawunya or the Holy Ancient Afrikan Bible
(Afrikan Divine Revelation)

Afrikadzata Deku


African Masters & Mystery Schools
Rhodia Mann
Rhodia Mann is known as "The Kenya Mystic", and is both an accomplished metaphysician and an initiated elder of the Samburu Tribe of Kenya. She lives in Nairobi Kenya, where her house is situated on Africa's heart chakra.
This book reveals the Light in what has been hitherto regarded as a dark continent. With details and full color portraits of twenty-two African Masters, this book gives techniques of how to contact these amazing beings and details of their purpose in our lives. 


Black Exodus:
Returning the Black Man to God

By Minister Neal N. Jackson/Ahmad N. Jakim
This now hard to find, highly demanded book is now available pending its reprinting. Fortunately for those who haven't read it yet, a case was inadvertently "salted" away while folk coast to coast clamored for copies. Limited copies available.


Black God:
The Afroasiatic Roots of the Jewish, Christian and Muslim Religions

Julian Baldick;

In this provocative book, the author sifts through the work of a multi-disciplinary array of scholars to present the first comparative study of the traditional religions of northern Africa and Arabia, from Nigeria to Yemen.  Just as there is a common afroasiatic language family in the region, he argues, so to is there a common family of religions with an inner logic found in myths, folktales, rituals, customs and belief.

The Great Being: Yahweh, Allah, GodThe Great Being: Yahweh, Allah, God
Gwinyai H. Muzorewa;
AS NEW - Print-to-order B&W REPRINT of original book published: Maryknoll NY : Orbis Books c1985.160 Pages. Expertly printed on acid-free archival quality paper - Softcover perfect bound (or Hardcover Cloth Buckram binding for additional $10.) Charts photographs & graphics may reproduce less than perfectly & may be reduced to fit pages. SPECIAL ORDER Allow 6 to 8 weeks for delivery. No Refund or Exchange.


The Origins & Development of African TheologyThe Origins & Development of African Theology
Gwinyai H. Muzorewa;
It is believed that African theology must be understood in the context of African life and culture and the creative attempt of African peoples to shape a new future that is different from the colonial past and the neo-colonial present. The African situation requires a new theological methodology that is different from the approaches of the dominant theologies of the West. African theology must reject, therefore, the prefabricated ideas of North Atlantic theology by defining itself according to the struggles of the people in their resistance against the structures of domination. Our task as theologians is to create a theology that arises from and is accountable to African people (1979:193).


Who Am I? The Supreme Understanding
(The Anatomy of Ego)


Bhagwan Ra Afrika is considered by many to be one of the greatest living Afrikan Mystics and Master. known for his fierce and Zen-like style. Bhagwan is a scholar of World Religions, the author of several books and is widely acclaimed for his innovative and critical synthesis of mystical tradition both East, West and Afrikan. Bhagwan has been hailed by many as one of the brightest lights of the modern spiritual world.

: Sannyas: the Meaning Of DiscipleshipSannyas: the Meaning Of Discipleship
Bhagwan Ra Afrika;
This book is like a "bible" for all serious devotees who are on a spiritual path! It lays out the requirements for sincere seekers of truth as they MUST be acknowledged and lived by in order to truly be considered a "Sannyasin"(one who has taken a vow of renunciation from the world(ego-based living) and has commited himself/herself to a life and living that is spiritual). It is a book that reveals the rareity of a true and real disciple. In it you will find the reasons why it has always been the case, since time immemoriable,that great spiritual Masters have had few disciples who were courageous enough to align their lives with the discipline that is mandatory in the living of a spiritual life.

: Infinite Happiness : Right Here Right Now (The Ra Ananda Sutra (the Teachings on Divine Happiness, Vol. I)Infinite Happiness : Right Here Right Now
 (The Ra Ananda Sutra (the Teachings on Divine Happiness, Vol. I)

Bhagwan Ra Afrika;
I am truly electrified by the "stark" simplistic way that Bhagwan can expound on deep matters pertaining to the mind and spirit. We are infinitely blessed to live in a time when someone with so pure an intelligence can actually be accessed right here, right now! This book has also helped me to understand the most important thing that lies always at the beginning of any quest for truth, MYSELF. To "know thyself" has always been the first and foremost advise given to sincere seekers by all sages and seers since time immemoriable.

Son of Perfection  ----Part 1
A study of the hidden teachings of the Apocalypse (the last book of the Bible). Lessons 1-12: Last Book of the Bible; Seven Incarnation; Endocrin System; Fiery Serpent & False Prophet; Regeneration; Sex Force; Fourth Dimension; Four Principle Glands; Radiation; Light of the World; Mother of the Universe; Solaricalism.


Tree of Life Meditation System

The Tree of Life Meditation System by, Ra Un Nefer Amen author of the best seller Metu Neter, in two volumes will show you how to make revolutionary changes in your life, in just 21 days out of every month. Effective and enduring changed in your life, require the cooperation of 11 sets of mental/spiritual faculties.


Returning to the Source:
The Way to the Experience of God

Wilson Van Dusen - experience God in ordinary life, we are introduced in a remarkably direct way to how mystics let ordinary experience transform them and reveal God. Nothing doctrinaire is in this personal memoir written by a lifelong mystic and clinical psychologist who is also one of the best expositors of the mystical teachings.


The Path of Divine Love
Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby
This Volume will focus on the ancient wisdom teachings and how to use them in a scientific process for self-transformation. Also, this volume will detail the process of transformation from ordinary consciousness to cosmic consciousness through the integrated practice of the teachings and the path of Devotional Love toward the Divine.


The Path of Brotherhood
(Climb the Highest Mountain Series)

Mark Prophet; 
Prior to the "Fall" on the ancient continent of Lemuria, men and women lived blissfully in a golden-age paradise. Their souls evolved in love, peace and harmony. Everyone embodied the principle of being their brother's keeper. In the dark ages that occurred after the fall, souls lost their moorings, their sense of unity and oneness with God and became increasingly aware of there sense of separation and outer differences. today, many pay lip service to the principles of brotherly love while their minds are often full of condemnation, and they are seething with emotion against one another. Even some churches have become more engaged in the struggle with one another than in training men and women for the vicissitudes of life. In The Path of Brotherhood, Mark and Elizabeth Prophet demonstrate how brotherhood is possible, and crucial, today. They take a mystical look at the Twelve Tribes, the Twelve Apostles, the Golden-Age Family and spiritual keys to reaching world brotherhood, which includes the realization of a spirit of unity and cooperation in spiritual organizations.


The Book of the Mysteries of the Heavens and the Earth:
And Other Works of Bakhayla Mikael (Zosimas) -
Bakhayla Mikael;

This is The Book of the Mysteries of the Heavens and the Earth: And Other Works of Bakhayla Mikael (Zosimas) by Wallis Budge. 175pgs. An occult masterpiece in the tradition of Enoch and Esoteric studies.

The Book of the Mysteries of the Heavens and the Earth was E. A. Wallis Budge's (b. 1857) last completed translation before he passed away in 1934. It was first published in 1935 in a limited edition that is extremely hard to find today. This edition makes available for a new generation an Ethiopian text that was believed to have been revealed to its scribe by the archangel Gabriel in the 15th century. It lays out mystical cosmography, including the angelic hierarchy, gives an interpretation of St. John's Revelation, and contains discourses on the godhead, the trinity, and the birth of Enoch. This work is of value for students of esotericism, Gnosticism, and African culture, as it sheds light on the distinctive features of Ethiopian Christianity -- an intriguing blend of magical practice and orthodox theology. R. A. Gilbert's foreword explains the evolution of Christianity and religious literature in Ethiopia and the significance of this work among Sir Wallis Budge's many translations of ancient religious texts.

Opening to Spirit :
Contacting the Healing Power of the Chakras and Honouring African Spirituality
by: Caroline Shola Arewa

This book aids individuals interested in integrating their religious beliefs, physical and mental health, and connecting with the scared through body, mind, and soul.  This is one of the best books Ive ever read on chakra energy. The author writes with authority and great clarity on the subject. The book provides detailed chapters on the aspects of each chakra and how the energy generated effects the physical body, the mental focus and the universal connection to Spirit.


The Book of Secrets
by Deepak Chopra
Assuring readers that "finding the hidden dimensions in yourself is the only way to fulfill your deepest hunger," bestselling author Chopra shares 15 spiritual secrets for enlightenment. These secrets may sound easy "the world is in you," "what you seek, you already are," "freedom tames the mind" but Chopra offers sophisticated thought to challenge a reader's spiritual status quo. Blending science and spirituality, he shows how the mystery of life can be illustrated by the wisdom and workings of one's body, as "every secret in this book goes back to the existence of an invisible intelligence that operates beneath the visible surface of life."


Natural Philosophy:
Written to Evolve the Human Consciousness
Ben Harris;
This book has the deep love of words intertwined into its beautiful lace of truth and philosophy. If you want a religious awakening, read this amazing book. The author takes you on so many twists and turns, it will literally leave you craving more. It ponders many of the scary truths and secrets that threaten our life and soul, and provides insight and wisdom on how to live a peaceful truthfilled life. This book has not only opened my eyes, its made me think a lot as well.


The Four Agreements:
A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom

don Miguel Ruiz reveals the source of self-limiting beliefs that rob us of joy and create needless suffering. Based on ancient Toltec wisdom, the Four Agreements offer a powerful code of conduct that can rapidly transform our lives to a new experience of freedom, true happiness, and love. The Four Agreements are: Be Impeccable With Your Word, Don't Take Anything Personally, Don't Make Assumptions, Always Do Your Best.


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0824507800&itm=29African Spirituality:
Forms, Meanings and Expressions

Jacob K. Olupona, Jacob Obafemi
With contributions from African and non-African scholars, editor Olupona (African Traditional Religion in Contemporary Society) provides a comprehensive analysis of African spirituality. The book is divided into four parts: "Cosmologies and Sacred Knowledge," "Authority, Agencies, and Performance," "Africans' Encounters with Other Religions," and "African Spirituality in the Americas."



http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0865436630&itm=48Black Spirituality:
Papradigm of Human Freedom

Carlyle Fielding Stewart, Caryle Fielding Stewart
While social and political freedom are important quests in the African-American experience of freedom, black Americans have managed to created a unique experience of freedom that embraces black spirituality and black culture as essential elements for building personal identity consolidating community.


Cover may not depict edition offered for saleThe Alchemy of Happiness
KNOW, O beloved, that man was not created in jest or at random, but marvelously made and for some great end. Although he is not from everlasting, yet he lives for ever; and though his body is mean and earthly, yet his spirit is lofty and divine. When in the crucible of abstinence he is purged from carnal passions he attains to the highest, and in place of being a slave to lust and anger becomes endued with angelic qualities."


An African-Centered Critique of European Cultural Thought and Behavior

Marimba Ani -
An Extraordinary Scholarly Work!
The author states:" I started out wanting to know what could possess and entire race of people to participate in the most atrocious (sp) crime against humanity -- the four hundred year African slave trade--- I found the answer in "Yurugu". As it turns out, it makes perfect sense how Europeans could... The secret Europeans discovered early in their history is that culture carries rules for thinking, and that if you could impose your culture on your victims you could limit the creativity of their vision, destroying their ability to act with will and intent and in their own interest. The truth is that we are all "intellectuals," all potential visionaries.
This book discusses the evolution of that process of imposition as well as the characteristics of cultural beings who find it necessary to impose their will on others. It is not a simple process to explain, since the tools we need in order to dissect it have been taken from us through colonial miseducation. It is necessary to begin, therefore, with a painful weaning from the very epistemological assumptions that strangle us. The weaning takes patience and commitment, but the liberation of our minds is well worth the struggle.

Let the Circle Be Unbroken:
The Implications of African Spirituality in the Diaspora

Marimba Ani
... is an active organizer in the Afrikan Community. She has conducted Rites of Passage programs for Afrikan youth and young adults. She travels frequently to Ghana, West Afrika, where she is continuing her study and support of Afrikan traditional healing concept and practices. She is part of a "think tank" of Afrikan-centered scholars currently spear-heading the socially and politically dynamic "To Be Afrikan" campaign. She is Director of the Afrikan Heritage Afterschool Program, a voluntary effort which has been operating in the Harlem Community for the past 14 years. Marimba Ani holds a BA degree in philosophy from the University of Chicago, and the MA and Ph.D. degrees in anthropology from the Graduate Faculty of the New School University. She is Professor of Afrikan Studies in the Department of Black and Puerto Rican Studies at Hunter College in New York City.


African Openings to the Tree of Life
Erskine Peters - uncovers the universal essence and life generating principles of African religion, philosophy, mythology, folklore, rituals, and symbolism, ordered and crystallized. These principles pertain to one's total development, relating on different levels to the person, the family, the social group, the spiritual group, the neighborhood, the community, and work organization. These principles are intended to orient one toward understanding, seeing and living life as an on-going process.  The principles may be used to deal with, or simply reflect upon life in its many aspects. Certain principles when turned over in the mind and meditated upon may provide solutions to a vast range of problems. The second portion of the book is an invaluable, concise essay on the profound significance ideas and symbols have upon the building of cultures, civilizations and personalities.


Book CoverAfrican Religions & Philosophy
John S. Mbiti
More than just a monolithic scope of African beliefs and a short illustration, according to European critics, of pagan and heathen symbolism, African Religions and Philosophies is indeed a book worth reading. Not only, does it portray the elegance of African belief systems, but, it also portrays the intellectual and innate spiritual nature of African societies.



The Spirituality of African Peoples:
The Search for a Common Moral Discourse

Peter J. Paris
Eminent black social ethicist Peter Paris focuses on African "spirituality"--the religious and moral values pervading traditional African religious worldviews. Paris's careful scholarship and his eye for value in varying cultural milieus combine to model comparative cultural analysis.


Book CoverAfrican Spirituality:
On Becoming Ancestors

Anthony Ephirim-Donkor

Focusing on the Akan people in Ghana as a resource for examining the overall conception of human development, this study is the first of its kind to concentrate on specific developmental processes of an African people from the ancestral world to the mundane and back to the ancestral world. From their beliefs concerning reincarnation, conception, birth, education, ethical existence and generativity, eldership, and death, the Akan people have developed a sequence of culturally defined life stage. This paradigm is predicated on a theory of personality that has its ontological basis in God (Nana Nyame) and the primordial woman and her children that formed the original matrilineal community, the ebusua. This structural model utilizes myths and concepts, rites, dreams, and elements that form the basis for human development among the Akan people. Applying the work of Erik Erikson and James Fowler, the author examines the vast, systematized, and holistic Akan concept of personality.




The Temple of Man Cover

The Temple in Man:
Sacred Architecture and the Perfect Man

R. A. Schwaller De Lubicz -
The monumental Temple of Man represents the most important breakthrough in our understanding of Ancient Egypt since the discovery of the Rosetta stone. This exhaustive and authoritative study reveals the depths of the mathematical, medical, and metaphysical sophistication of Ancient Egypt.


The Kemetic Diet:
Food For Body, Mind and Soul, A Holistic Health Guide Based on Ancient Egyptian Medical Teachings

Muata Abhaya Ashby -
This new volume presents the concepts and teachings based on the Kemetic (Ancient Egyptian) philosophy of total health of the entire person, that is, health not just of the body, but also health of the mind and soul as well, which gets to the root cause of the dis-ease and eradicates it. For this kind of health one must have a keen understanding of the body-mind-soul connection and, what it means to be truly healthy.

Egyptian Mystics:
Seekers of the Way

Moustafa Gadalla -
This book explains how Ancient Egypt is the origin of alchemy and present-day Sufism, and how the mystics of Egypt camouflage their practices with a thin layer of Islam.    The book also explains the progression of the mystical Way towards enlightenment, with a coherent explanation of its fundamentals and practices. It shows the correspondence between the Ancient Egyptian calendar of events and the cosmic cycles of the universe. It also provides the evidence that Ancient Egypt is the source of the Christian calendar of holidays (ex: Easter, Last Supper, Christmas, Lent, Ascension Day, Pentecost, Epiphany, Transfiguration, etc).  Moustafa is biased by neither Abrahamic religion nor Academic status, which in the study of ancient lands and its peoples puts him in the small minority, and as such his highlighting of the misdeeds these groups is laid clearly and factually with well documented research and common sense. There are those who consider his work controversial and Egyptian Mystics is not a book to placate history from an Abrahamized outlook, rather it is a document that shows a breathing culture who have maintained traditions, albeit surreptitiously, for thousands of years and more.

The Mysteries of Isis or the Science of Mythematics
Translated from the Original Mythic Symbols

The lectures in this book are intended to: be a guide to a more elevated existence in the future; abolish the love and worship of the god dollar, which is the ruling power of the age and often leads to the total depravity of the heart followed by the most licentious practices. In this spirit the work was given a gratuitous circulation upon publication. Partial Contents: The Mysteries of Isis; Lecture I. Science of Mythematics; Lecture II. Adam and Eve; Lecture III. Cain and Abel; Lecture IV. Satan Let Loose and the Death of Abel; Lecture V. Death of Enoch; Lecture X. Pluto Beguiles a True Patriarch of the House of Shem; and Lecture XIV. The Gemini.


Cover of Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts

The Ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts
Raymond Oliver Faulkner; The ancient Egyptian Pyramid Texts, dating from the later half of the third millennium BC, are the oldest corpus of religious literature surviving from ancient Egypt. Their purpose was to ensure the welfare of the dead king in the hereafter, adn they shed much light on contemporary religious beliefs, while embedded in them are fragments of temple ritual, traces of stellar cult, and glimpses of daily life.The hieroglyphic texts for this section of the translations are reproduced in the Supplement (formerly Volume II ).



Culture and Customs of Egypt
Molefi Kete Asante -
Part of the "Culture And Customs Of Africa" series, Culture And Customs Of Egypt by Molefi KeteAsante (Professor, Department of African American Studies, Temple University) is a straightforward and reader accessible look at daily life in modern Egypt, including its people, history, religion, art, food, social customs and much, much more.  Modern Egypt blends African history and geography with Arab culture and religion. With its position at the crossroads of Africa, its status as a major Islamic nation, and continuing interest in its ancient monuments, Egypt makes for fascinating study. This volume provides an accessible, up-to-date overview of a society that greatly evolved, yet retains traces of attitudes and behaviors from the days of the Pharaohs.



Metu Neter Vol. 1:
The Great Oracle of Tehuti and the Egyptian System of Spiritual Cultivation

Ra Un Nefer Amen -
This is known as THE Book. This is the book that puts the science in African-centered spirituality. By revealing the essence of the oldest religion in the world, Ra Un Nefer Amen gives the practical keys to unlocking the "secrets" of the uni-verse. Of course, much will be missed by readers, because they will only read the book, but not apply its teachings. Reading a book about spirituality does not raise one's consciousness. Applying the teachings in Metu Neter Vol. I will.



The Egyptian Book of the Dead:
The Papyrus of Ani in the British Museum

Translated by
Sir E.A. Wallis Budge.
Ancient Egyptian texts, incantations, hymns and litanies, words of power and prayers. Older in origin than the Bible, from the African continent, home of monotheism. Hieroglyphic Papyrus of ANI translated by the late keeper of Egyptian antiquities. Illustrated. 376 pp.



: Anunian Theology: The Mysteries of Ra Theology and the Mystical Tree of Life
Anunian Theology:
The Mysteries of Ra Theology and the Mystical Tree of Life

Muata Abhaya Ashby
Discover the mystical teachings contained in the Creation Myth and the gods and goddesses who brought creation and human beings into existence. The Creation Myth holds the key to understanding the universe and for attaining spiritual enlightenment.


Healing the Criminal Heart: Introduction to Maat Philosophy & the Path of Redemption:
Yoga and Spiritual Redemption Through the Path of Virtue

     Who is a criminal? Is there such a thing as a criminal heart? What is the source of evil and sinfulness and is there any way to rise above it? Is there redemption for those who have committed sins, even the worst crimes?
     Ancient Egyptian mystical psychology holds important answers to these questions. Over ten thousand years ago mystical psychologists, the Sages of Ancient Egypt, studied and charted the human mind and spirit and laid out a path which will lead to spiritual redemption, prosperity and enlightenment.
     This introductory volume brings forth the teachings of the Ausarian Resurrection, the most important myth of Ancient Egypt, with relation to the faults of human existence: anger, hatred, greed, lust, animosity, discontent, ignorance, egoism jealousy, bitterness, and a myriad of psycho-spiritual ailments which keep a human being in a state of negativity and adversity.


Egyptian Yoga II: The Supreme Wisdom of Enlightenment
C. M. Books - Egyptian Yoga is an original fully illustrated work, including hieroglyphs, detailing the meaning of the Egyptian mysteries of the temple, tantric yoga, yoga philosophy and psycho-spiritual and physical exercises. Egyptian Yoga is a guide to the psychology of mental transformation and freedom. It is well known by scholars that Egyptian philosophy is the basis of western and middle eastern religious philosophies such as Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Gnosticism, the Kabbalah, and Greek philosophy.


Ancient Future: The Teachings and Prophetic Wisdom of the Seven Hermetic Laws of Ancient Egypt
Wayne Chandler/ Dick Gregory, Activist / Author
"Ancient Future is a compelling look at our past, present and future." 
Tutankhamen : Amenism, Atenism and Egyptian Monotheism/with Hieroglyphic Texts of Hymns to Amen and Aten
E. A. Wallis Budge -
Noted Egyptologist's careful account, written to counter flurry of misinformation after 1922 discovery of Tutankhamen's tomb, of the known facts about the reign of Tutankhamen, the cults of Amen and Aten, and Egyptian monotheism. Over 50 illustrations and hieroglyphic texts of most important hymns to Amen and Aten. 12 halftones. 41 line illustrations.

The Serpent Power: The Ancient Egyptian Mystical Wisdom of the Inner Life Force
Dr. Muata Abhaya Ashby - The Serpent Power has been one of the most important teachings of mystical spirituality through the ages, beginning with the ancient Egyptian mysteries and later in Kundalini Yoga of India. The Serpent Power is the most important factor of human consciousness and its correct understanding and cultivation leads to positive spiritual evolution, physical and mental health.


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0876044224&itm=5Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and Its Relevance Today
John Van Auken; John Van Auken puts forth more ideas regarding ancient myths surrounding the 'old' world. However, he proves that old does not mean less knowledge.

Either you believe in your heart there is much more to ancient Egypt, or you scoff at the thought. For those that know the truth, read this work with an open heart, you won't be kept in the dark any longer.

http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=1931446059&itm=7Egyptian Mystics: Seekers of the Way
Moustafa Gadalla - an impressive and groundbreaking contribution to an enlightened and enlightening study of the Egyptian contributions to Sufism and Alchemy in the ancient world. Iconoclastic Egyptologist Moustafa Gadalla provides an informed and informative examination and correlation between the Ancient Egyptian calendar of events and the cycles of the universe -- including the Egyptian contributions to the Christian calendar in terms of Christmas, Easter, Pentecost, and more. Egyptian Mystics is an original, thought-provoking, and thoroughly "reader friendly" study which is enthusiastically recommended for students of Sufism, Egyptology, and metaphysics.
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0710307225&itm=18Osiris: And the Egyptian Religion of Resurrection (Kegan Paul Library of Ancient Egypt)
E. A. Wallis Budge - was Keeper of Egyptian and Assyrian Antiques in the British Museum and author of numerous works.
The legend of Osiris says he was murdered by his brother Seth and resurrected, with the aid of his wife Isis, thus becoming god of the underworld. The author believes he is one of the most important ancient Egyptian deities, with his origins in the Predynastic Era. He attempts to establish a relationship between the cult of Osiris and other African religions. In the first volume, he examines iconographies of Osiris in general and interprets Osiris as an ancestral spirit, judge of the dead, moon god and a bull god. In the second volume, the focus is on the funeral and burial practices, the idea of the Ka, and also the spread of Osiris and Isis to neighbouring lands.

Egyptian Yoga: The Philosophy of Enlightenment
Muata Abhaya Ashby - Reginald Muata Ashby holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree in Religion. He is an independent researcher and practitioner of Egyptian, Indian and Chinese Yoga and studied Yoga under the supervision of Spiritual masters for over four years. This book is definitely one of the best additions to my library. Dr. Ashby gives a great analysis of the most complex knowledge system known to humankind. Not only does he know what he is talking about, but he is able to transform the wisdom of the ancients into the limited framework of the English

 language. Very powerful. If one is seeking enlightenment, this book definitely provides a step in the right direction.


Metu Neter Vol. 2: Anuk Ausar, The Kamitic Initiation System
Ra Un Nefer Amen - by Ra Un Nefer Amen I author and founder of the Ausar Auset Society.  When it come to the subject of initiations, the Secret Mystery Schools of Kemet are just as important as those secret sociaties of Sumeria, Babylon, and the Hebrews (Essenes, Order of Melchizedek). The pyramids were places were students learned about the sciences of alchemy, leviatation, mental powers, etc. Many men such as Djoser, Abraham, Moses, Yashua, Napoleon, and even Dr. Malachi Z. York (Neter: Aaferti Atum-Re, Amunnubi Rooakhptah) was initiated in the pyramids of Egypt.


: Initiation into Egyptian Yoga: The Secrets of ShetiInitiation into Egyptian Yoga: The Secrets of Sheti - by: Muata Abhaya, Dr. Ashby - Sheti: Spiritual discipline or program, to go deeply into the mysteries, to study the mystery teachings and literature profoundly, to penetrate the mysteries. You will learn about the mysteries of initiation into the teachings and practice of Yoga and how to become an Initiate of the mystical sciences.
This insightful manual is the first in a series which introduces you to the goals of daily spiritual and yoga practices: Meditation, Diet, Words of Power and the ancient wisdom teachings.


Maat the 11 laws of God
Ra Un Nefer Amen -
In keeping with the tradition established with the Metu Neter Vols 1 and 2, the author delivers both devastating insight and clear instruction on how to make use of it in our lives. Six stars would not suffice. Simply a must for every home library. I would recommend everyone, especially people who are looking for spiritual answers as to why things are the way they are in the world, to read this book. Ra Un Nefer Amen does a fantastic job, again, to deliver even more insight into the Qabalistical Tree of Life and the true functions of our spirit. It's a truth seekers goldmine.


The Egyptian Philosophers: Ancient African Voices from Imhotep to Akhenaten
Molefi Kete Asante - Since the 18th century, Greece has been heralded as the cradle of Western civilization, with Plato, Pythagoras, and Thales touted as the world's first philosophers. But as Temple University scholar Molefi Kete Asante writes in this slim, spectacular book, those men all studied in ancient Egypt.  An attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origins of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace.


Ancient Egyptian Proverbs: Mystical Wisdom Teachings and Meditations
Muata Abhaya, Dr. Ashby - This Book Contains Over 450 Ancient Egyptian Proverbs, Wisdom Teachings And Meditations Fully Ilustrated With Hieroglyphic Text And Symbols.

"When The Student Is Ready, The Master Will Appear" Is One Of The Proverbs In The Book... So If You Are Reading This..You Are Ready For The Master to Appear. This Book Is The Beginning.


Book CoverThe Ankh: African Origin of Electromagnetism
Nur Ankh Amen - For those people interested in the historical significane and powerful meaning of the ankh, as well as its scientific properties this book would be great reading for you.

My one suggestion to any reader would be, keep an open mind. It is not a book rooted in the status quo, by any means. Some of the scientific evidence is truly intriguing but if you are not accustomed to reading about electromagnetism and the properties of it, then this might be a little hard to follow at times.


Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt
Moustafa Gadalla - When ancient Egyptian history is compared with the Biblical stories that came later, and also compared with Greek history and mythology, the evidence is clear. In the book, one will discover the truth about fundamental entities such as the Ten Commandments, the Dead Sea Scrolls, Hebrews in Egypt, Biblical passages, and the major impact of Egypt on today's societies. Read with an open mind what the author had researched and uncovered about the original and Biblical stories of Jesus, Moses, David, and read about Ausar (Osiris), Aset (Isis), Heru (Horus) and Set (Satan).
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=1564595196&itm=13Key to the Hebrew-Egyptian Mystery in the Source of Measures
J. Ralston Skinner



Meditation: The Ancient Egyptian Path to Enlightment
Muata Abhaya Ashby - Many people do not know about the rich history of meditation practice in Ancient Egypt. This volume outlines the theory of meditation and presents the Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphic text which give instruction as to the nature of the mind and its three modes of expression.  This volume allows the reader to begin practicing meditation by explaining, in easy to understand terms, the simplest form of meditation and working up to the most advanced form which was practiced in ancient times and which is still practiced by yogis around the world in modern times. 


Egyptian Divinities: The All Who Are THE ONE
Moustafa Gadalla - A "must" for anyone intriqued by Ancient Egypt -- or anyone not afraid to think out of the box. Gadalla's chiming logic, straightforward language, and demystifying graphics make the ineffable seem obvious. As accessible as it is brilliant. Do your consciousness a favor and read this book.

: Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny

Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny
Mustafa El-Amin - This book is very powerful reading. Every African-American should read this very informative bit of information. It will cause you to ponder what has been going on for years.

Ancient Egyptian Mysticism and Its Relevance Today
John Van Auken - John Van Auken puts forth more ideas regarding ancient myths surrounding the 'old' world. However, he proves that old does not mean less knowledge.

Either you believe in your heart there is much more to ancient Egypt, or you scoff at the thought. For those that know the truth, read this work with an open heart, you won't be kept in the dark any longer.

Historical Deception: The Untold Story of Ancient Egypt
Moustafa Gadalla - I recommend this book to every person who would rather learn from evidence, than from stories. While religious stories from the distant past often invoke awe and deep spirituality for a lot of people, these same people should not necessarily ignore the sources of these sacred stories. In this book, the author does not tell Christians to stop believing in Christ, nor does he tell those who are inspired by the life stories of Jesus Christ, Moses and David to stop being inspired. What he does in the book is reveal information that has been deliberately hidden by those who do not want people to know from where their deep spirituality and beliefs originated. Egypt.


The Hidden Properties of Matter
Muata Abhaya, Dr. Ashby For the spiritual aspirant and those who are serious about learning, I highly recommend it. It's written very well and easy to understand.


The Secret Books of the Egyptian Gnostics: An Introduction to the Gnostic Coptic Manuscripts Discovered at Chenoboskion
Jean Doresse - Historically the Gnostic Texts were found just a few years after the discovery of the famous Nassene “Dead Sea Scrolls” of Qumrân that had caused such a sensation. Many scholars now agree that the Coptic Gnostic Texts are even more valuable, in that they reveal the essence of a religion that Christianity tried to obliterate—and whose oddly traced images and message of spiritual liberation is asserting itself today in the new form of MODERN GNOSTICISM.




Solomon & Sheba: Inner Marriage and Individuation

Author: Koltuv, Barbara Black
Retail Price: $10.95
The story or archetype of Solomon and Sheba may be understood on several levels. It is a simple, splendid love story; it is also the story of the heart's journey toward individuation, a conjunction of the masculine and feminine principle existing in every human psyche. Men and women grow because of their relationship with each other and this alchemical experience is brilliantly explained by Koltuv, a New York based Jungian analyst and champion storyteller. Many illustrations.


Negus Majestic Tradition of Ethiopia.
Miguel Brooks.
From the traditions of Solomon and Sheba to the Biblical line of Solomonic Kings, an look at the Bible, history and world affairs through the oldest Royal Dynasty. Revealing unknown details of Italy's war crimes in Ethiopia and the prophecies that foretold it and the emergence of the true Judah in the Rastafarians of Jamaica. Revelations on the plot to destroy the 'Back to Africa' movement, to crush Ras Tafari and to assassinate its prophets and the King.  196 pp.


Ethiopia and the Bible
Edward Ullendorf.
In this scholarly volume, Mr. Ullendorf investigates the relationship of Ethiopia to the Bible. Included is an interesting chapter on King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Historical background, translations of the Bible and the impact of the Old Testament on Ethiopia are examined. 186pp.


The Royal Parchment Scroll of Black Supremacy
Rev. Fitz Balintine Pettersburgh. Originally published in Jamaica in 1926, this is a vital early Rastafari text. Intro by Ras Miguel Lorne. 45pp. Staplebound booklet. Imported from Jamaica. New US edition now available

The Ethiopian Book of Life - Book of Ancient Ethiopian religious doctrine, history, and mysticism. Edited and translated by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge. Originally published in London in 1929, this is Budge's translation of the Bandlet of Righteousness. This book includes Budge's preface, the Lefafa Sedek described, a description of the manuscript, a 40 page appendix and plates of the original Ethiopic.

Negus Majestic Tradition of Ethiopia
Miguel F. Brooks - The exotic, the mysterious and mystical, along with its millennial heritage and a vast and glorious history of culture and intellectual sophistication, have made Ethiopia a frequent subject of research and study, both in Ethiopia itself and throughout the world.

Bandlet of Righteousness: An Ethiopian Book of the Dead
E.A Wallis Budge




The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Menyelek
Al Imam Obaba; Paperback - The only currently available edition of Sir E A Wallis Budge's translation of the famed 'KEBRA NAGAST' combining Budge's erudition with a poetic sense which the late colonial British were sometimes noted for. Budge's introductory essay alone is worth the price of the book, even if containing some outdated and offensive references to 'Negro savages' and the like. Note: the edition herein is a photo-reproduction of a volume in the Library of Congress, and is missing several pages which, using interlibrary loan services, I have found missing from original copies of the 1922 edition east of the Mississippi; the missing material has been forwarded to African Islamic Mission, but I have no data on whether it has been included since my correspondence. The missing parts include, always, "How Solomon Recognized His Firstborn Son" and "The Plot to Steal the Ark From the Temple in Jerusalem". The book evinces an origin during a perhaps-apocryphal time when Judaism was the dominate religion in Ethiopia, and shows further evidences of a somewhat-tortuous rewrite when Christianity became dominant; but the story may have been all an invention from the time of the 'Restoration' of the Solomonic Dynasty under Yekuno Amlak in the 13th Century.

The Holy Piby by Shepherd Robert Athlyi Rogers, Miguel Lorne (Introduction), Ras Sekou Tafari, Robert Athtyi Rogers, Robert Athlyi Rogers .  The doctrine that would provide the actual interpretative basis of Rastafari ideology. Originally published in 1924, this is one of the Rastafari foundation documents. This book was the first to point toward Ethiopia for redemption. The Holy Piby is the documented vision, message and aspiration of shepherd Athyli Rogers. The work strengthened the Rastafari movement, but was banned in Jamaica. At last this book is available to all.  103pp


The Book of the Secrets of Enoch
R. H. Charles -
This is a must for those who want to know about many of the angels. Their names and duties. It also explains who the Watchers are. It gives accounts about mankind, the heavens, Satan, and much more.


The Rastafari Ible
Jahson Atiba, I Alemu - Jahson Atiba Alemu I was born in Trinidad & Tobago...In 1980 he saw the light oh His Imperial Majesty, and humbling himself as a son, he acknowledged Jah revelation...

A Modern Translation of the Kebra Nagast: (The Glory of Kings)
Translated and edited by Miguel Brooks. This is a majestic unveiling of ancient secrets. Originally recorded in Ethiopic languages, these pages were removed by royal decree from the authorized King James version. A startling revelation of long suppressed truths. A very important book for Rastafari truthseekers. 192 pp.


Fetha Nagast: Law of the Kings - At last, the only English translation of the Fetha Nagast is now available. Only translated once into English in 1968 this book has never been available to the English reader until now. Contains the complete introduction by HIM Haile Selassie I. From His Majesty's introduction: " This is the law of life, for nations and for individuals, the law of lasting happiness and welfare". 

Kebra Nagast; The Queen of Sheba and Her Only Son Meneylek. translated by Sir E.A. Wallis Budge. The first English translation of the Glory of Kings is now available. Originally published in 1932, the Kebra Nagast tells the Ethiopian scriptural story of how the Ark of the Covenant was taken from Jerusalem to Ethiopia by the son of King Solomon and Queen Makeda. The Budge version reads in a formal, Biblical style.  241 pp.

Art That Heals: The Image As Medicine in Ethiopia
Jacques Mercier;
This text demonstrates the difference between Westerners' passive admiration of representational images and the intense interaction with art characteristic of native African and American cultures. Westerners may have extended the use of the art-image beyond the purely representational, but in Ethiopia the power transmitted from art to believers is actually used to heal. "Art that Heals" examines a variety of colourful objects: church frescos from the 15th to the 20th century, processional crosses, drawings, codices, and icons - all used by the clergy of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church not as passive objects but as active forces to heal the sick.

Bandlet of Righteousness: An Ethiopian Book of the Dead translated by E.A. Wallis Budge. An Ethiopian prayer from the Mashafa Heywat (Book of Life). Ancient Ethiopic text. Of all the surviving magical works written in Ethiopic and Amharic, this is the most curious and interesting. Although it purports to be Christian, it in fact owes much to the Jewish, Egyptian, and "magical" traditions of the region. The book's foundation is a much abbreviated and more succinct form of the Egyptian Book of the Dead, upon which strong elements of Christianity, Gnosticism, and Hebraic apocrypha have been laid, most likely from early Greek or Syrian translations and original Coptic texts. The "bandlet" to which the original refers is a strip of linen or parchment as long as the body of the person for whom it was prepared, on which were written the secret names of God, meant to ensure protection in the next world.


Image Not AvailableThe Ethiopic Version of the Book of Enoch
R.H. Charles
Thought lost for millennia after being banned by dogmatic, early Christian authorities, The Book of Enoch remains one of the oldest extant mystical documents. It is referred to in the Hebrew Zobar, the Epistle of St. Jude, and is considered by some a very early draft of -- or at least a critical influence on -- the New Testament.

Enoch the Ethiopian: The Lost Prophet of the Bible: Greater Than Abraham, Holier Than Moses by Indus Khamit Kush. Lost prophet of the Bible, Enoch, has been preserved only in Ethiopia. This new book is an excellent study of the Holy One. Chapters include The stolen legacy of the Bible, Enoch's lineage, African Origins of Man, Ethiopian Church canonization of Enoch, Enoch's New Testament legacy and the African origins of the Hebrew. Very interesting work.  302 pp.



Sample CoverThe Heart of the Qur'an:
An Introduction to Islamic Spirituality

Lex Hixon -
A Muslim mystic meditates on select verses from the Koran in an accessible and highly revealing way, opening the reader to the spiritual depths of Islam.  Through clear and accessible language, Hixon illustrates how the teachings of Islam can be applied to contemporary everyday life issues such as love, relationships, justice, work, and self-knowledge. In addition to the selections themselves, the book contains readable, lively introductions to the tradition of Islam, its basic precepts, and what it says about other religions.




"Arab Conspiracies Against Islam"

The theme 'The Arab conspiracies against Islam' is thought provoking rather than a controversy. The book drew a line in making the distinction between what is Arabic religion and what is Islam. Non-Muslims around the world who know very little about Islam will be overwhelmed to discover the nucleus of bigotry dominating the Arabic religion. It also explains why the followers of the Arabic religion around the world are downtrodden and humiliated, and why the majority of them became redundant and think radically and why they prefer violence instead of tolerance.

For example, they condemn people around the world as infidels for worshiping idols or icons carved from the mountain rocks and fervently declared Jihad against them as a battle for the sake of Allah. But they feel sanctified when they bow and prostrate to a rock structure carved by the Arabs. They call Allah when they aggress and they also call Him when oppressed. But the same Allah seems to have abandoned them - all the time.

This book gives details how the primitive Arabic culture and tribal laws infiltrated into Islam featuring it as a religion espousing terrorism, fanaticism and inward looking. The author unveils the evidences from the Qur'an to prove the innovator of the Arabic religion has truly corrupted the scripture instilling a dogmatic creed satiated with uncultured and the nastiest barbaric way of life. In his study the truth has indeed emerged which strongly contrast with the present controversies.

The research is useful for those who are seeking for a subject such as the one detailed in this book. It will become much clearer when the readers set aside ideological hypothesis and, as their sole criteria, rely on established facts, logical deduction, and the power of reasoning.
FROM THE AUTHOR:  I must state that my real name is not Aidid Safar. The Arabic religion today is insanity sometimes masquerading as a shaggy dog story. From Morocco to the Philippines, over one billion people have been fooled to be happily part of this insanity.

Others have had death sentence pronounced upon them for saying much less than what I am saying in this book. In many so-called 'Muslim' countries, my authorship of this book will mean persecution, prosecution, imprisonment and may be even death at the hands of more than insane followers of the Arabic Religion. However the message is always more important than the messenger. Throughout history, bearers of messages deemed as bad have sometimes been killed. On the other hand, bearers of messages deemed as good have often been idolized. I wish to avoid both these fates. I shall remain Aidid Safar. But still we are here.
BUY NOW $20.00 (includes shipping)

Medicine of the Prophet
Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya; Translated by Penelope Johnstone, Oxford University

Al-Tibb al-Nabawi, or Medicine of the Prophet, by Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyya (691-751AH/1292-1350AD) is the most renowned example of the body of work known in the Islamic world as "Prophetic medicine" or "medicine of the Prophet." Ibn Qayyim aims to give guidance stemming from the Prophet for the preservation and restoration of both physical and spiritual health. Despite its medical content, the Medicine of the Prophet differs from the writings of earlier physicians, such as Razi, Tabari and Ibn Sina, in that it is written by a theologian who is more concerned with piety than medical theory. Ibn Qayyim’s book is of great interest in that it gives a wide range of customs and attitudes current at the time and the practices of ordinary people.


Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet
Imam Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah

Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet is the panacea for those in search of good health. It is a magnificent work that is a treasure every Muslim household. Although it was written by the author, Ibn Al-Qayyim, over six hundred and fifty years ago, it is extremely timely work for our generation in which health and natural health care products have become an important aspect of the lives of so many. The author presents the guidance of the Prophet in dealing with a variety of health issues, including treatment of ailment and preventive remedies to keep the body fit.  The final chapters the this work include an extremely beneficial glossary of remedies, herbs, foods and other natural substances that aid in the journey towards better health.   Healing with the Medicine of the Prophet is an invaluable reference guide for the people of every land and every generation.


The Beloved:
Reflections on the Path of the Heart

Kahlil Gibran
Exquisite writings on love, marriage, and the spiritual union of souls add a fresh dimension to our understanding of the philosophy of love and the transformation of one's life through its all-encompassing power. 
I have probably not read any author with more of a gift for beautiful words than Kahlil Gibran. Just reading the English translation for this collection of his love-related Arabic works makes my bones ache with the amazing insights he portrays through moving language. This book is a very well assembled collection, with a decent introduction about Gibrans life


Image Not Available
Islamic Talismanic Tradition in Nineteenth-Century Asante
(African Studies, Vol 21)

David Owusu-Ansah
A study of the three bundles of Arabic Manuscripts from the Guinea Coast found in 1963 at the Royal Library in Copenhagen. The first part focuses on the examination of the instructions for making charms and amulets. The second part reviews factors that explain the popularity of Muslim charms in Asante. Particular attention is paid to specific historical events in Asante from 1804 to 1867.

The Sufi Brotherhoods in the Sudan
Ali Salih Karrar -
This is a comprehensive historical study of the Islamic mystical brotherhoods of the northern Sudan. Based on new or previously inaccessible oral and written sources, it traces the change from lineage-based holy clans to centralized supra-tribal brotherhoods in the 19th century. It links this evolution to both external influences from Egypt and Arabia and changes in northern Sudanese society brought about by Egyptian colonial rule. The analysis of this fundamental shift in the nature of religious organization is seen as a major contributory factor in the Mahdist Revolutiuon of 1882-5. The last two chapters present an account of the structure and rituals of the brotherhoods based on their own writings. The work seeks to serve as a corrective to earlier histories of Islam in the Sudan and as a basis for understanding of the role of the brotherhoods in modern Sudanese society.

Book Cover

The Niche of Lights/Mishkat Al-Anwar:
A Parallel English-Arabic Text (Islamic Translation Series)


Text: English, Arabic (translation)
Original Language: Arabic



: Al-Ghazzali: His Psychology of the Greater Struggle

Al-Ghazzali: His Psychology of the Greater Struggle
by: Laleh Bakhtiar
Dr. Bakhtiar has done a great service through this book. She provides the text and a commentary on Topic One of Al-Ghazzali's Prolegomena: Know Yourself. As a whole, the book is perhaps the best introduction to "Traditional Psychology" I have ever read, very interesting and full of insights.

While Al-Ghazzali followed the Sufi path, this book can easily be appreciated by anyone interested in spirituality and self-growth, since the principles are universal to all Traditional religions. A must have!


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0520050088&itm=9West African Sufi: The Religious Heritage and Spiritual Quest of Cerno Bokar Saalif Taal
Louis Brenner

This item is currently not available. If you would like to purchase this item, we recommend that you occasionally check this page to see if it has become available.

Yakub: The Father of Mankind
Elijah Muhammad - Everyone with a true knowledge of the bible knows that Adam and Eve were not the start of civilization history has proved that. Adam and Eve were created in a region of people of color. That means Adam and Eve were not white. When Kane killed Able he was banished from the garden of Eden and went away and married whom did he marry if there was not life before them. This is excellent reading for the black man and woman. It will certainly be disturbing to those whom are not African.


The Vision: Reflections on the Way of the Soul
Kahlil Gibran - Each short is unique and beautiful. The way he articulates, the metaphors he uses, the message he puts forth....It all comes together and just makes you smile! And I smiled and nodded my head while reading most of this book. I couldn't put it down. I read it straight through in one sitting, and I'm about to go through it again. I really felt this book and learned a great deal from it. From the first sentence of the first reflection and on from there I was and still am captivated.


Quran: The Final Testament (Authorized English Version) With Arabic Text
Rashad Khalifa - Dr. Khalifa, whose mother tongue is Arabic, has produced the best English translation of the Quran. It is simple, easy to read and understand and easy to share with all the family and friends of all ages including children.. This great translation exposes all the false teachings of the Muslim scholars that have no basis in the Quran. False teachings like; The meaning of a prophet Vs a messenger, messengers do not receive a scripture but prophets do, see 3:81.


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0930741935&itm=2A Saint in the City: Sufi Arts of Urban Senegal
Allen F. Roberts - More than four million Senegalese follow the Mouride Way, a Sufi movement based on the teachings of Sheikh Amadou Bamba, a mystic who died in 1927.


Learning How to Learn: Psychology and Spirituality in the Sufi Way
Idries Shah - Learning How to Learn is for those who wish to learn more about Sufism or eastern psychologies, or who simply wish to have a better grasp on their own consciousness. It presents a fresh viewpoint on human psychology, learning and spirituality. The author illustrates that much of what we consider to be human thought is in reality little more than chains of habit or conditioning. Much of the book is in a question and answer format, presenting a comprehensive introduction to Sufic thought.


Alif Lam Ra: The Path to the Hereafter
Al Mustafa; Hardcover;
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0521534518&itm=46Muslim Brotherhoods in Nineteenth-Century Africa
B. G. Martin, J. M. Lonsdale (Editor), J. D. Y. Peel (Editor), John Sender (Editor)


Cover may not depict edition offered for saleInner Dimensions of Islamic Worship
Al Ghazali -
This book is easy to read and very slim, so it does not take long for a person to read through it at least once. Most people, however, will want to take longer so they can reflect on what Al-Ghazali is saying. Basically, he breaks down the 5 pillars of Islam and focuses on each one and how to perfect one's worship in that pillar.  He lists techniques to be better at performing prayer and being closer to Allah while doing so. The best part is that he explains how even the companions of the Prophet (saw) had problems and were not perfect in their worship. It is a constant struggle, and his book helps in that struggle. A must read for everyone who is interested strengthening their faith.
Journey to the Lord of Power: A Sufi Manual on Retreat
Muhyiddin Ibn Arabi -
Move forward in ti

me and try to visualize your death... then look back at your life and see what really matters in life? You have to go back where you came from and nothing can change that fact. It may not be a bad idea to get closer to the Ultimate Power in your life time. This is not a book for the beginners who are trying to figure out the meaning of life and our relationship with God but for those who don't have any doubts in their minds and a feeling of completeness... this may shed some light on how to get closer. You must demolish all your pre conceived notions within your brain and enter the abstract world before you read it.

Cover may not depict edition offered for saleThe Duties of Brotherhood in Islam - Abu-Hamid Ghazazzali - An immensely important portion of Imam al-Ghazali's 'Ihya, this work discusses, at the micro-level, what is needed to instill in each of us the sense of brotherhood that is a necessary fabric for Muslims to be effective as a nation. The Golden Age of the Moor (Journal of African Civilizations, Vol 11, Fall 1991)
Ivan Van Sertima -
The Moors were among the most civilized peoples of the world in their time. The book has a wealth of detail about that civilization. The most interesting thesis in my mind was that the Moors were a source of the knowledge that flooded Europe in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and thus were coauthors of the renaissance, along with the Arabs and Turks on the other side of the Mediterranean.




Biblical History of Black Mankind
C. McGhee Livers -
This is one of the best written and most informative books that I have ever read. The author is a Greek and Hebrew Language scholar. She has translated selected text from a copy of the original Hebrew and Greek manuscripts of the Old and New Testament Bible. As she translated these languages into English she found details concerning the origin of Mankind. This book includes details concerning the following: Blacks Great Biblical Heritage, Origin of Blacks Revealed, Black Skin: A Sign of Prosperity, Origin of Whites and Jews Revealed. These details are not made known in the English translations of our present Bibles. Every household should have a copy of this revolutionary work. The author notes on the back of her book that she believes she was predestined to write this book, "For such a time as this."



God and the Law of Relativity -
Ben Ammi -
In this the second installment of the Resurrection Trilogy, Ben Ammi explains in clear and concise terms one of the most important laws of the creation, the Law of Relativity. Ben Ammi breaks down the relationship between a person's thoughts and actions, their successes and failures. Each deed is preceded by a thought. Godly thoughts, he teaches, can only produce Godly actions and responses, i.e. health, happiness, peace and strength. Ungodly thoughts however, produce the exact opposite -- the state of most of the world today. Ultimately, he explains, one can determine who a person is by how he thinks. For it is in this thinking that one manifests good or evil, life or death.

6th and 7th Book of Moses.
This book has long been hailed as a valuable tool in the study and practice of cabalistic magic. Includes the Magical Uses of the Psalms.
This book contains the seals of angelic, planetary, and demonic spirits. If you are a Christian and practice Hoodoo, this book has an excellent treatise on Magic and the Bible. This occult knowledge isn't for the novice and must be approached in all seriousness. I have relied on the seals many times when performing conjure work and the results have been excellent.

Book CoverThe Assumption of Moses:
A Critical Edition With Commentary

J. Tromp;
Facing pages of the original Latin (highly annotated) and English comprise the critical edition of the first century Palestinian Jewish text, which narrates a conversation between Moses and Joshua on the occasion of Moses' impending death, in the course of which Moses prophecizes about the fate of God's people. Also includes a detailed description of the Latin, the history of research on the work, and an extensive commentary. Annotation c. Book News, Inc., Portland, OR (booknews.com)


Mystery of the Long Lost 8th 9th and 10th Books of Moses: Together With the Legend That Was of Moses and 44 Keys to Universal Power.
Henri Gamache.
From the testimony of learned students of the Old Testament Gamache has concluded that Moses wrote ten Books rather than five. The book is in three parts: A biography of Moses, the five missing books and the Book of Miscellaney.  103 pp.


Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden

World Bible Publishing - Though apocryphal in nature, these books--suppressed by the Church Fathers--are fascinating and beautifully written. Here you can read for yourself many of the manuscripts which were excluded from the Canon of Scripture, and discover new appreciation for those which were chosen.


: Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe

Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe
Reg T. Miller;
Mystical and practical teachings from Yahweh. Channeled messages by Chuck Little.   Pyramid Power, Primal Energy and Consciousness, Ancient Astronauts, Energy Healing, Origin of Creation, Abductions and Implants, Ancient Civilizations and Technology, Transitions and Time Warps, Nemesis and the Deadly Comet, The How-To-Travel the Universe Secret, The purpose and intent of the Space travelers and traders.


THE AFRICAN BIBLE: Biblical Text of the New American BibleThe African Bible:
Biblical text of the New American Bible

Africanises the bible by explaining the relevance of each book in the bible for the African context, and by introducing notes and commentary that stress the relevance of the passage in the African context. 2176pp, KENYA. PAULINES PUBLICATIONS AFRICA, 996621450X




The Book of Jubilees or the Little Genesis - Like the Book of Enoch, the Book of Jubilees is another Ethiopic Biblical text removed from Western Bibles. These books were removed from the Bible by the Romans 1700 years ago. Only in Ethiopia were they held safe until this time. In the Ethiopian texts this work is also known as Kufale or the Book of Division. In English it is sometimes referred to as Little Genesis. 100pp.

The Apocrypha:
 The Apocryphal/Deuterocanonical Books of the Old Testament
These are the books between the old and new testaments which were removed from the King James Version in 1611. There are 14 books including I and II Esdras, Tobit, Wisdom of Solomon, Baruch, Bel and the Dragon and I and II Maccabees. Double column type. 157pp. Hardcover.

The New Oxford Annotated NRSV Bible with the Apocrypha, Third Edition - This version of the Bible contains Maccabees 1-4, Ecclesiasticus, Tobit, Judith, Baruch, Wisdom of Solomon and Esdras. These are all in the Ethiopian version, but not the KJV.

Metaphysical Bible Dictionary- This is the book which Prophet Gad recommended to the 12 Tribes years ago in order to help understand metaphysical meaning in apparent material historical stories. A good reference for chapter a day learning and independent overstanding. Large hardcover edition. 706pp.

Moses the Egyptian: The Memory of Egypt in Western Monotheism
Jan Assman


Moses and Akhenaten: The Secret History of Egypt at the Time of the Exodus
Ahmed Osman


Solving the Exodus Mystery: Discovery of the True Pharoahs of Joseph, Moses, and the Exodus
Ted T. Stewart


The Holy Bible: New Revised Standard Version Anglicized Edition, Containing the Old and New Testaments With the Apocryphal/Deuterocanocical Books

Jacob's Children in the Land of the Mahdi: Jews of the Sudan
Eli S. Malka - Malka, the son of the longtime chief rabbi of the Sudanese Jews, is a retired businessman who has been deeply involved in world trade and Jewish communal activities. His work is a blend of autobiography, detailed record keeping, and the anecdotal history of a small Sudanese community that exists no more. Malka concentrates on the early part of the century, when Jews accounted for only a handful of the total Sudanese population. Most of them hailed from the larger cosmopolitan environments of Egypt, and most had emigrated by the 1960s, owing to increased tensions in the Mideast.

The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses: Or Moses' Magical Spirit-Art Known As the Wonderful Arts of the Old Wise Hebrews, Taken from the Mosaic Books of the Babaca and the Talmud for the goo
Egyptian Publishing Co


The Book of Jubilees or the Little Genesis
R. H. Charles
The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha (Vol. 1): Apocalyptic Literature and Testaments
James H. Charlesworth;

Maccabees 1-4. This new book contains all four Maccabee books and Psalm 151. Macabees one and two are included in the Western apocrypha, but books three and four exist only in the Ethiopian canon. Psalm 151 was read by His majesty on Coronation day. Please note this book contains Macabbees 1-4 only and not the complete Bible. 238 pp.

The Two Zions: Reminiscences of Jerusalem and Ethiopia. by Edward Ullendorff, preface by Ras Miguel Lorne. Edward Ullendorff, one of the world's foremost scholars on Ethiopia and translator of His Majesty's Autobiography wrote these reminiscences of Israel and Ethiopia some years ago. Long out-of-print, this gem is now available again. An vital work on the Biblical history of Ethiopia.  150 pp.


Black Hebrew Israelites from America to the promised land : the great international religious conspiracy against the children of the prophets
Shaleak Ben Yehuda - Black Hebrew Israelites from America to the promised land:  the great international religious conspiracy against the children of the prophets. This book is written from the African Hebrew Israelite perspective.  It chronicles the process of settlement in Israel which began in ’67 in Liberia.  Includes references to the Old and New Testaments.

The Lost Books of the Bible and the Forgotten Books of Eden - All the ecclesiastical writings of early Christianity known to exist are in this book.Lost Books include Nicodemus, Barnabas, Clement and Hermas. Origins are noted at the beginning of each book. Forgotten Eden includes Adam and Eve, Secrets of Enoch and the Testaments of the 12 Tribes. 552 pp.


Yahweh in Africa: Essays on Africa and the Old Testament (Bible and Theology in Africa, Vol. 1)
Knut Holter; The twentieth century made the Old Testament an African book. The present essay collection presents and analyses different aspects of the Old Testament readings in Africa. In particular, their socio-intelletual context is emphasized, and it is argued that Western Old Testament scholarship would benefit from acquainting itself with African readings of the Old Testament.

Bible Legacy of the Black Race: The Prophecy Fulfilled
Joyce Andrews After you read this book, you will never look at another black person the same way again. I have alway known the truth about this prophecy concerning the Black race. And I have always ask myself this Question why is this not taught in the Black Churches. And I realize that Satan has blinded them. Hosea 4--6 "My people are destroyed for lack of Knowledge. Because you have rejected Knowledge, I also will reject you from being priest for me; because you have forgotton the laws of your God, I also will forget your children."



Hebrew-English Tanakh


Tanakh: The Holy Scriptures, The New JPS Translation According to the Traditional Hebrew Text


The Book of Enoch. - This apocryphal Biblical text was found in Ethiopia in 1733. This is the actual Old Testament Book of Enoch which should properly be just before Job in the Bible. Part of the Ethiopian Orthodox Canon, it has been removed from Western Bibles. The only preserved version of Enoch is the Ethiopic. Mysteries come to light in this ancient and sacred text.  192pp.

The Ancient Mysteries of Melchizedek Revised Edition (Nabi Moshe Y. Lewis) Much of the information in this book is not what people are used to hearing, yet it is the truth which the prophets of old used to tap into the universe. For those interested in higher levels of spiritual overstanding. 124pp.


Gospel of the Holy Twelve - The Romans burned the library at Alexandria Egypt after the Nicene Council. This Aramaic manuscript was taken to the East for safety. This is a complete New Testament Gospel. Learn of Yeshua's true teaching, his deep compassion for animals and his vegetarian ways. Details on His Nazirite vow. This is an exact reprint of a 19th Century version, so the typeface is not modern in style. Paperback,

The Other Bible. - Willis Barnstone, ed. This book contains a complete selection of all apocryphal and pseudopigriphal works. Long suppressed by organized religion, these are important writings for a full Bible understanding. Includes Ascension of Isaiah, Enoch 2, Hermes, and hundreds more. This book completes your biblical understanding. 742 pp.


The Sign and the Seal:
The Quest for the Lost Ark of the Covenant
Graham Hancock.
After ten years of searching, this journalist has tracked down the true story of the Ark of the Covenant. The author reveals where the Ark is today (Ethiopia) and how it got there. 600pp.

The Apocrypha.
This version is in paperback and was translated by Edgar Goodspeed. A definitive translation. Single column type. 490 pp.


Gospel of Barnabas
Lonsdale Ragg - This was by far one of the MOST personal and revealing accounts of the sermons of Jesus as recorded by the Disciple whom Jesus loved, Barnabas. Barnabas was one of the two men to be chosen by the 11 apostles to fill in for Judas' vacant seat in the apostle hood. He was with Jesus from the baptism, to the Ascension. Jesus personally asks Barnabas to hold these words close to him. For he knew of the people making up stories about his Divinity and mission. Banned by the church. One of the new testament "Apocrypha" meaning "hidden from the people". Reading this changed my life and gave me a deeper and closer love of the most misunderstood man ever, Jesus, son of Mary. Highly recommended.

Image Not AvailableOther Ways of Reading: African Women and the Bible (GLOBAL PERSPECTIVES ON BIBLICAL SCHOLARSHIP)
Musa W. Dube Shomanah

The Secret Teachings of Jesus : Four Gnostic Gospels. Translated by Marvin Meyer. From the Nag Hammadi Egyptian texts. Includes Secret Book of James, Gospel of Thomas, Secret Book of John and Book of Thomas. Gnostic wisdom from Africa.



African Traditional Religions in Contemporary Society
by Jacob K. Olupona




Dark Matters: Dark Secrets
T. Owens Moore -  is a continuing exploration into the area of melanin research. Melanin is commonly known as the substance that produces skin pigmentation, and this book will be valuable to any reader interested in the various effects of pigmented cells in the skin as well as the central nervous system.



Conversations With Ogotemmeli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas

 Conversations With Ogotemmeli
by Marcel Grianle, Marcel Griaule, Germaine Dieterlen
French ethnologist Marcel Griaule led numerous research expeditions throughout Africa from the 1930s until his death in 1956. He carried out his best-known research on the Dogon people of Mali. "CONVERSATIONS WITH OGOTEMMELI" is presented as a series of 33 encounters with Ogotemmeli, an elderly Dogon sage, who explains his peoples creation myth and understanding of the universe.



Choosing Life
by Michael C., Ph.D. Frost, Mantak Chia (Introduction), Wayne Chandler
Master Mantak Chia, Author: This book belongs in the personal library of anyone who is serious about moving daily toward optimal health and mastery. With great care and much love, Dr. Frost has traced the origins of life energy management and spiritual practice from ancient Africa to the present, giving credit to each of the branches of the human race along THE WAY. Most importantly, Dr. Frost has distilled this wisdom into powerful practices and disciplines we can incorporate into our lives today as we thrive to survive. He has laid out clear and present life force choices for helping us to fulfill the Creator's purpose for all living things: to grow into our greatest potential and highest good! In true spiritual tradition, Dr. Frost has loved us enough to share what he has learned on his path toward Mastership.AWAKENED HEALING ENERGY THROUGH the TAO; TAOIST SECRETS OF LOVE - CULTIVATING MALE SEXUAL ENERGY; HEALING LOVE THROUGH the TAO-CULTIVATING FEMALE SEXUAL ENERGY.  Great book for men!  Trust me.


The Scriptures of the Amanazaretha of Ekuphakameni:
Selected Writings of the Zulu Prophets Isaiah and Londa Shembe

Irving Hexham - This unique book is the first book length translation of African sacred texts to be translated into English. It provides the reader with unique insights into what is arguably the best known of all African Independent Churches, the amaNazaretha of the Zulu prophet Isaiah Shembe. Anyone who teaches Religious Studies or Anthropology who has used the BBC film Zulu Zion is familiar with this important new religious movement. Now one can read the teachings of its founder. 

Considerable controversy has been generated about the exact nature of the movements known as African Independent Churches. Are they, as some writers suggest, simply African adaptations of Christianity, or are they new religions in their own right? To date, most of the people arguing about these issues have lacked access to the sacred scriptures of the movements they claim to study.

This translation presents for the first time in English the major scriptures of the best-known of all African Independent Churches, the amaNazaretha of South Africa. The translation of the Zulu prophet Isaiah Shembe's work was made by his grandson Londa Shembe, who succeeded his father as the "third Shembe" and prophet of the church at the holy city of EKuphaKameni. Now, the key scriptures of the amaNazaretha of EKuphaKameni are available in English.
Londa Shembe
was the grandson of Isaiah Shembe, Zulu prophet and founder of the amaNazaretha.

Pre-Adamite Man:
Demonstrating the Existence of the Human Race Upon this Earth 100,000 Years Ago!

Paschal Beverley Randolph
Contents: Adam, Menes, Egypt; Cain; On the Banks on the Nile; Spiritism; The Ark and the Deluge; Ebb and Flow of Empires; Structures of Etruria; Ten Thousand Years of Italic Tradition; The Genesis of Nations; Human Skeletons in the West Indies; and more



Revealing Prophets:
Prophecy in Eastern African History

(Eastern African Studies)

David M. Anderson
An account of the significantly different forms prophecy has taken over the past century across the region through an examination of the active dialogue between prophets and the communities whom they addressed, including the Maasai, Kalenjin, Kikuyu, and Zande peoples. This dialogue continues today as the politicians and activists throughout the region still look to prophetic traditions.


Book CoverThe Power of Africentric Celebrations:
Inspirations from the Zairean Liturgy

Nwaka Chris Egbulem

This practical guide introduces readers of all denominations to the roots and wings of worship as celebrated in the Afri-Zairean experience, and offers them insights for developing authentic and sensitive worship celebrations for the parish community.

Book CoverDjinns, Stars and Warriors:
Mandinka Legends from Pakao, Senegal (African Sources for African History, 5)

Matt Schaffer
This book contains some of the finest examples of Mandinka oral tradtions ever published, both in English and the original Mandinka, along with a chapter of Mandinka Arabic script texts translated into English. As a complement to the author's ethnography of the Mandinka published in 1980/1987, this book presents legends about jihad leaders, witchcraft, local Islam, cosmology, the founding of villages, great leaders among women, notable social institutions and other significant people and places. The Pakao country of southern Senegal developed into a West African center of pilgrimage. This book reveals the linguistic richness of Mandinka as an African literature in its own right and contributes to broader Mande studies. Since Mandinka figured prominently in the trans-Atlantic slave trade, this book also lays a basis for future work by the author on a cultural legacy of Mandinka in the New World.

Book Cover
The Sirius Mystery:
New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

Robert Temple;
Those who are drawn to following Temple's well-constructed and voluminous data, references and inferences will be taken on a fascinating journey through an alternative view of classical history and science.

Book CoverIn Sorcery's Shadow:
A Memoir of Apprenticeship Among the Songhay of Niger

by Paul Stoller, Cheryl Olkes
For me, the book provides more evidence for the hypothesis that the "Western paradigm" is just one of many, and not that empowering at that. If we start to tinker with our paradigm by "apprenticing" to cultures based on hard, merciless and pragmatic obsession with spiritual power (such as the Songhai) we are in for a tough ride.  The Songhay have once possessed the largest empire in African history; their formidable magician-king Sunni Ali created an elaborate and effective administrative system extending all the way up to Timbuktu and even Morrocco and, as Stoller shows in this book, Sunni Ali's memory is still very much alive in contemporary Niger.

The Babylonian Gilgamesh Epic:
Introduction, Critical Edition and Cuneiform Texts

A. R. George
The Babylonian Gilgamesh epic is the oldest long poem in the world, with a history going back four thousand years. It tells the fascinating and moving story of Gilgamesh's heroic deeds and lonely quest for immortality. This book collects for the first time all the known sources in the original cuneiform, including many fragments never published before.

Oahspe Bible, Part 2:
A New Bible in the Words of Jehovih and His Angel Embassadors

John Newbrough - Sacred History of the Higher and Lower Heavens on the Earth for the Past Twenty-Four Thousand Years together with a Synopsis of the Cosmogony of the Universe; The Creation of Planets; The Creation of Man; The Unseen Worlds; The Labor and Glory of Gods and Goddesses in the Etherean Heavens. With the New Commandments of Jehovih to Man of the Present Day and with Revelations from the Second Resurrection Formed in Words in the Thirty-Third Year of the Kosmon Era.





The Goddess Blackwoman: Mother of Civilization

The Goddess Blackwoman:
Mother of Civilization

You cant help but apply the information that is obtained in this book in your life because he tells you how powerful you are and once that knowledge is known there is no stopping you. Women are powerful individuals who seek powerful Men. Women who don't know themselves will seek just that; a man who does not know himself. This book is one that is unparallel in what it does to the mind of a Blackwoman. The book is honest open and informative... any Blackwoman who needs to find their true self needs to read this book.


Book CoverWealth of a Spiritual Woman
Linda Shaheerah Beatly, Linda G. Beatty

This book explores all the prevalent issues that women face as we enter into the new millennium with practical applications that have been proven to be effective and fail-proof.  This book contains inspiring experiences by the author. Ms Beatty is down to earth. There are very specific and simple exercises that can transform attitudes and relationships. This author really hits the mark with her common sense approach to spiritual growth.


Afterwhile: The Secrets of a Woman's Heart
Menkh-t Ur Ta Hatshepsu-t;
a wonderful tale of a woman growing up in the rural south and then moving to the big city of Atlanta. I really believe that women will be able to relate to the triumphs and trials of Mary J. Many of the situations in Mary J's life reminded me of situations in my own. The story builds up gradually during the course of the book, like a wave building up in the ocean; the ending will surprise and shock.
Introducing African Women's Theology
Mercy Amba Oduyoye - Introduces the work of African women's Christian theology by highlighting the influence of cultural hermeneutics and of relationality in this 'narrative theology'. This volume describes the context and methodology of Christian theology by Africans in the past two decades and provides brief descriptions of sample treatments of theological issues, such as creation, Christology, ecclesiology and eschatology. The aim of the book is to lead interested persons to the sources of African women's Christian theology.
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0805042075&itm=221Spirits Speak: One Woman's Mystical Journey into the African Spirit World
Nicky Arden
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0517886324&itm=220Soul Quest: A Healing Journey for Women of the African Diaspora
Denese Shervington, Billie J. Pace
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0393316793&itm=131Wise Women: Over Two Thousand Years of Spiritual Writing by Women
Susan Neunzig Cahill (Editor), Susan Cahill (Editor)
Tapping the Power Within: A Path to Self-Empowerment for Black Women
Iyanla Vanzant;
The Unknown She:
Eight Faces of an Emerging Consciousness

Hilary Hart - Is there a mystical consciousness particularly natural to women? And if so, what role is it playing in the spiritual evolution of our world? To answer these questions, Hilary Hart traveled across the world meeting with contemporary mystics from a variety of traditions including Lakota Sioux, Sufism, Buddhism, and West-African Shamanism. The revelations of feminine wisdom offered from these encounters are not conceptual teachings, but vivid examples of lived spirituality expressed sometimes through simple ways of being, sometimes through profound mystical experiences. Revolutionary and remarkably practical, The Unknown She offers a startling new look at women's unique mystical orientation and its place in the evolution of our universal consciousness.

Soul Quest :
A Healing Journey for Women of the African Diaspora

Denese Shervington - enter a place where you can begin to transform your life. Lush illustrations will draw you into the world of your imagination. Poems and rhythmic passages lead you through visualizations where you can safely release your innermost thoughts, feelings, and desires. You will learn to keep a new kind of journal that lets you express all of who you are, not just through the written word, but with your whole body, your voice, and movement.


Sacred Pampering Principles : An African-American Woman's Guide to Self-care and Inner Renewal
Debrena J. Gandy - Teaching tolerance, advocating a go-with-the-flow attitude, and blending the aspects of mind, body, and spirit, Gandy believes in leaving negative..
Afrikan Woman:
The Original Guardian Angel

Barashango Ishakamusa
The Goddess Blackwoman:
Mother of Civilization

Akil; You cant help but apply the information that is obtained in this book in your life because he tells you how powerful you are and once that knowledge is known there is no stopping you. Women are powerful individuals who seek powerful Men. Women who dont know themselves will seek just that; a man who does not know himself. I have recommended this book to every women and man I know.

Sacred Woman :
A Guide to Healing the Feminine Body, Mind, and Spirit


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0807009237&itm=53My Soul is a Witness: African-American Women's Spirituality
Gloria Wade-Gayles (Editor)


http://www.amazon.com/exec/obidos/ASIN/0922729484/onepeoples-20?dev-t=mason-wrapper%26camp=2025%26link_code=xm2Soul Mates & Twin Flames:
The Spiritual Dimension of Love & Relationships

Elizabeth Clare Prophet
The Spirit of Intimacy:
Ancient African Teachings in the Ways of Relationships

Sobonfu Some

Sacred Sex:
A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage

Tim Alan Gardner
How can I mention holiness and sex in the same phrase?" asks Tim Gardner, the author of Sacred Sex: A Spiritual Celebration of Oneness in Marriage. "Well, for one thing, because God does." So begins this thoughtful let's-talk-about-sex book for Christians.



Image Not AvailableMan Cures, God Heals: Religion and Medical Practice Among the Akans of Ghana
Kofi. Appiah-Kubi;
Passport to Hands on Healing
Katharine Lee
How to Use Your Hands to Heal; Passport to Hands on Healing will show you how to use your hands to heal in a clear and concise manner, guiding you step-by-step through the healing process. You will easily learn about how the body functions and how to use the metaphysical methods Katherine has been given to help the healing process in your clients.
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/textbooks/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0812213661&TXT=Y&itm=36Experiencing Ritual: A New Interpretation of African Healing
Edith Turner, William Blodgett, Singleton Kahona, Fideli Benwa - Experiencing Ritual is Turner's account of how she sighted a spirit form while participating in the Ihamba ritual of the Ndembu. Through her analysis, she presents a view not common in anthropological writings--the view of millions of Africans--that ritual is the harnessing of spiritual power.
Rosemary Gladstar's Herbal Remedies for Men's Health (Natural Health Handbooks)
Rosemary Gladstar- One of America's foremost herbalists provides concise, simple-to-understand, and practical information for using herbs for health and well-being.
The Candle Cafe Cookbook :
JOY PIERSON - More Than 150 Enlightened Recipes from New York's Renowned Vegan Restaurant.

Sunfood Cuisine:
A Practical Guide to Raw Vegetarian Cuisine

Frdric Patenaude-talks about the basics of raw foods in this book.  He points out the basics of raw foods, how to get started, but more importantly, delicious, mouth-watering recipes that are easy to make and delicious!


The Nutritional Destruction of the Black Race

Llaila O. Afrika
The Sacred Kitchen:
Higher-Consciousness Cooking for Health and Wholeness

Robin Robertson

Energy Centers of Transformation

Harish Johari - Among the best of Western explications, combining traditional, visionary, and practical views illustrated, detailed, and accessible to the neophyte.


Healing Makes Our Hearts Happy:
Spirituality & Cultural Transformation Among the Kalahari Ju/'Hoansi

Richard Katz - Healing Makes Our Hearts Happy is a beautifully written and photographed book of the Jul'hoansi people of the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa. Not only does the book give an excellent description of the history and culture of this society but also gives strong support to anyone who is striving to live as their hearts direct.
Heal Thyself Natural Living Cookbook:
A Complete Guide to Natural Living Through Vegetarian Cooking and Holistic Juicing

Diane Ciccone

Sacred Leaves of Candombla:
African Magic, Medicine, and Religion in Brazil

Robert A. Voeks



Awakening to Oneness:
A Personal Guide to Wholeness and Inner Peace

Sandra C. Brossman
This grounded and inspiring book is a journey to complete inner peace. Whether readers are seeking to improve personal relationships, work life, or their emotional and physical well being, Awakening to Oneness invites them to realize their amazing potential to bring the desires of their hearts into their physical realities.

The Universe in Our Body:
An Astrological and Spiritual Approach About the Oneness of All Beings

Marie-Louise Francke;
One of the major spiritual truths is that we are one, since the Divine Spirit resides in all of us. We are not only one on a spiritual, but also on the physical level. Going through the 12 astrological signs, we learn how the structures of the astrological symbols are rediscovered in the form and function of our organs.

The Black Humanist Experience:
An Alternative to Religion

Norm R. Allen
As a minority within a minority in the United States, African American humanists often feel isolated and misunderstood. And across the globe humanists are in the minority among Blacks just as they are among all races. These thoughtful essays help draw attention to the vitality of the humanist movement within the Black community while putting to rest many myths about humanists.

Cultural Universals and Particulars:
An African Perspective

Kwasi Wiredu
The eminent Ghanaian philosopher Kwasi Wiredu confronts the paradox that while Western cultures recoil from claims of universality, previously colonized peoples, seeking to redefine their identities, insist on cultural particularities. Wiredu's exposition of the principles of African traditional philosophy is not purely theoretical; he shows how certain aspects of African political thought may be applied to the practical resolution of some of Africa's most pressing problems.

Foundations of an African Ethic
Benezet Bujo
In this book, Benezet Bujo offers a critique of Western ethics and lays the theoretical groundwork for a new African ethic. By drawing on themes from African life such as marriage, therapy, and art, Bujo exposes the shortcomings of the philosophical anthropology implicit in Western ethics, comparing Western theories of natural law, discourse ethics, and communitarianism with the African emphasis on community and remembrance.

 The Hero with an African Face
by CLYDE W. FORD - African myths convey the perennial wisdom of humanity: the creation of the world, the hero's journey, our relationship with nature, death, and resurrection. From the Ashanti comes the moving account of the grief-stricken Kwasi Benefo's journey to the underworld to seek his beloved wives. From Uganda we learn of the legendary Kintu, who won the love of a goddess and created a nation from a handful of isolated clans. The Congo's epic hero Mwindo is the sacred warrior who shows us the path each person must travel to discover his true destiny.

Divine Inspiration
by Phyllis Galembo,
The first section of this book contains rare photographs of traditional priests and priestesses and the shrine objects they use. Both the essay by Rosen, an ordained Olokun priestess, and Galembo's powerful photographs illuminate some of West Africa's elaborate cultural and religious traditions. The second section explores the Brazilian form of ancient African spiritual religion brought to the New World during the Atlantic slave trade of the sixteenth century.

Folk Wisdom and Mother Wit: John Lee--An African American Herbal Healer (Contributions in Afro-American and African Studies)
Arvilla Payne-Jackson
This book combines historical biography with a focus on the role of the practitioner in the folk health-care system, and ethnobotany, including a description of the active ingredients of the herbs used in African American herbal medicine.

Cover of Man, God And CivilizationsMan, God and Civilization
John G. Jackson;
Drawing from sources of ancient, classic, and contemporary literature, the author shows how European culture was derived from the older civilizations of Africa and Asia.

African Masters & Mystery Schools
Rhodia Mann;
Masters are to be found throughout Africa, and this text provides an insight about the Light in this continent. It seeks to show readers how to contact different beings, what their specialities are and how they can help us on our path. Suggested mediations are provided.
This book reveals the Light in what has been hitherto regarded as a dark continent. With details and full color portraits of twenty-two African Masters, this book gives techniques of how to contact these amazing beings and details of their purpose in our lives.

http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0553378686&itm=38Hero with an African Face: Mythic Wisdom of Traditional Africa
Clyde W. Ford - "This fascinating exploration of African stories and myths informs and inspires us. And most importantly it tells us who we are as human beings--all of us." --Cornel West, author of Race Matters.
The Little Book of African Wisdom (Little Books)
Patrick Ibekwe
Evidence of Things Unseen
Natalie Lillian Kamau
African Wisdom: 101 Proverbs from the Motherland
Tokunboh Adelekan
Conversations With Ogotemmeli: An Introduction to Dogon Religious Ideas
Marcel Grianle
African Proverbs and Wisdom: A Collection for Every Day of the Year, from More Than Forty African Nations
Julia Stewart
The Hermetica: The Lost Wisdom of the Pharoahs
Timothy Freke
African Wisdom
Ariel Books

The Metaphysical Interpretation of Bob Marley's Exodus: Unearth the True, Spiritual Meaning of the Album of the Century, by the Legendary Artist of Our Time - by Issachar ye Amlak.. Learn the esoteric function of music and how to apply simple truth to your life. Discover the process which allows you to master your art and live according to your destiny. Explore the deeper meaning of the poetry on the album of the century - Bob Marley's Exodus. Magazine format.

Afra: Brother of Light: Spiritual Teachings from an Ascended Master (Meet the Master Series)Afra: Brother of Light: Spiritual Teachings from an Ascended Master (Meet the Master Series) -
Elizabeth Clare Prophet -

Infinite Power of Liberty: The Sovereign Spirit of Indigenous Patriotism
Heru Sut El - Book Description  The nation of Lenni Lenabe is the most important nation of Muurs in the United States of America’s history. This is due to the fact that if it weren’t for us there would be no United States of America. When William Penn first arrived at our country he was given permission by the SagaMuurs to set up his government. He was not sold land he was given land to occupy. The Sagamuurs never sold land because we understood that it was not our land to give. We knew that the Earth was, and still is a gift from Great Spirit to his chosen people stewarded by a Grand Shikem.

The title in itself is POWERFUL..... The style of writing is EASY to read... Like having a conversation with a wise friend... The book addresses the foundations of our problems.. as well as the foundations of the SOLUTIONS to those problems...and He Keeps it REAL...in a way that makes you DEAL WITH YOURSELF... It deserves to be read more than once.. This is the new activism of the millennium. it is not for you to agree or disagree. This book is the written word, and for the intellectual minds that understand the meaning of origin and how this land came to be. It is like the bible. The understanding is there because the faith is there. There are no questions. Learn to be what you feel, and rather than just see what you do not know. This is a powerful book. Allow its message to reawaken our orgin and true rights of passage.

The Black American Handbook for Survival through the 21st Century
RaDine Amen-Ra -
Rev. Radine Amen-ra is a Ordained Interfaith Minister, lecturer, early American researcher, with 20 years experience in Human resource development and Wholistic health. Rev. RaDine is the founder of Quantum Leap Spiritual Life Center located in Atlanta, Georgia. The Center mission is "How can We serve" healing the Black American people, our families, our communities, and our heritage from the experiences of slavery, and the rape of their true ancestral identity, culture, heritage, and homeland. Currently , Rev. RaDine is collecting signatures from Black American People ( The Geneva Project) who recognize their Indian ancestry to be used to reclaim the Black American people true Ancestral identity and recognition from the World Council in Geneva Switzerland. Rev.RaDine conducts Sacred Ceremonial Retreats in the mountains for healing of the heart and family bloodlines.  This book explains and documents the actual heritage of the people who were enslaved in the Americas, the racial identity of the American Indians, what the English term of Indian represents, and why systematic discrimination and institutionalized racism is still being enforced against Black Americans today?
Note: Aaferti Atum-Re, himself, was initiated in the Step Pyramid of Saqqara during his trip to Africa in the early 1970s. Read some of his books and you'll see a picture of him inside the pyramid. He was initiated into the Order of Melchizedek.

Book of the Beginnings, Part 1
Gerald Massey - A Book of the Beginnings. Containing an attempt to recover and reconstitute the lost origines of the myths and mysteries, types and symbols, religion and language, with Egypt for the mouthpiece and Africa as the birthplace… Volume I.   Egyptian origines in the British Isles [- II. Egyptian origines in the Hebrew, Akkado-Assyrian and Maori]. London: Williams & Norgate, 1881.

The Sirius Mystery:
New Scientific Evidence for Alien Contact 5,000 Years Ago

Robert K. G. Temple - Those who are drawn to following Temple's well-constructed and voluminous data, references and inferences will be taken on a fascinating journey through an alternative view of classical history and science.


The World's Sixteen Crucified Saviors Christianity Before Christ
Kersey Graves
- Startling and extraordinary revelations in religious history, which disclose the oriental origin of all the doctrines, principles, percepts, and the miracles of the Christian new Testament and furnishing a key for unlocking many of its sacred mysteries, besides comprising the history of 16 Heathen Crucified Gods. New, startling, and extra ordinary revelations in religious history, which disclose the oriental origin of all doctrines, priciples, percepts, and miracles of the Christian New Testament.


Pyramid Truth Gateway Universe
Reg T. Miller - Mystical and practical teachings from Yahweh. Channeled messages by Chuck Little written by Reg T. Miller. Pyramid Power, Primal Energy and Consciousness, Ancient Astronauts, Energy Healing, Origin of Creation, Abductions and Implants, Ancient Civilizations and Technology, Transitions and Time Warps, Nemesis and the Deadly Comet, The How-To-Travel the Universe Secret, The purpose and intent of the Space travelers and traders.


The Africans Who Wrote the Bible
Nana Banchie Darkwah - "This book reveals secrets I never thought existed behind Christian faith. Every Christian must read to understand their faith. This book is written based upon the African language similarities with those of present-day Africa, ancient Africa and words found within the bible. With that said, there are sightings noted from various African nations throughout West Africa. The thing that should be noted is that the author clearly states that the Jewish people are not the original Hebrews. The author is under the opinion that the original Hebrew people were African people who left probably during the so-called Exodus. The present day Jewish people as stated within the book still carry African names. If I read this correct, that is from cover to cover without skipping pages, this is what the author stated within the book.


Black Gods of the Metropolis:

Arthur Huff Fauset - The American black church, according to Fauset and other contemporary researchers, provided the one place where blacks could experiment without hindrance in activities such as business, politics, social reform, and social expression. With detailed primary accounts of these early spiritual movements and their beliefs and practices, Black Gods of the Metropolis reveals the fascinating origins of such significant modern African American religious groups as the Nation of Islam as well as the role of lesser known and even forgotten churches in the history of the black community.


Daily Cornbread
African-American people have benefited from the social sciences, but it's down-home, commonsense know-how that has nourished the community for centuries--and that's what Stephanie Stokes Oliver, founding editor in chief of Heart and Soul magazine, offers.

Book CoverDivinity and Experience the Religion of the Dinka
Godfrey Lienhardt
This study of the religion of Southern Sudan's Dinka people is now considered a minor classic of social anthropology.


The Healing Drum: African Wisdom Teachings

Yaya Diallo - The Healing Drum is more than a literary autobiography; it includes considerable ethnographic information about Minianka culture. In the personal story of internationally acclaimed drummer Yaya Diallo we see the power of music as a sacred, healing force in West African culture.
Image Not AvailableDivine Inspiration: From Benin to Bahia
Phyllis Galembo
The centerpiece of Galembo's book is two sets of altar photographs--the first half from Nigeria's Benin City (called Edo) and the second from the Brazilian city of Salvador (state capital of Bahia). ...  explores their natural link: the Atlantic slave trade brought Nigerians to the Western hemisphere; as a result, both places share similar religious beliefs and rituals.
  The Lost Teachings Of Jesus
Mark L. Prophet;
Jesus and Muhammad: Profound Differences and Surprising Similarities
Mark A., Ph.D. Gabriel;
Creative Abundance: Keys to Spiritual and Material Prosperity (Pocket Guide to Practical Spirituality)
Elizabeth Clare Prophet;
Answer You're Looking for is Inside You: A Commonsense Guide to Spiritual Growth The Lost Teachings of Jesus: Finding the God Within

Cosmic Consciousness:
One Man's Search for God
The Path to Love: Renewing the Power of Spirit in Your Life
Deepak Chopra;

The Kaballah of the Cushite, Zephaniah Batyah Davis - This is a great book. It is time someone exposed the truth. The knowledge of the bible and the whole world rest on the knowledge of Africans. It is so clear yet it has been hidden so well. it is refreshing to read such a text & know that a woman of not only color, but of substance wrote it.

Positive Continental Afrikan Self-Knowledge Technology: Or, to Know We Are Continental Afrikans, is to Be Afrikans in Thoughts, Words and Deeds
Afrikadzata Deku - Discover the Limitless Power of Our Afrikan Centricity or How to recover the Limitless Power and Blessings of Afrikan-centricity as our Freedom from the Hell of Afrikans thinking and living Euro-centrically, Arab-centrically or Jewish-centrically or as Photocopies of the White Man, the Arab or the Jew. 

The Lost Book of Enki: Memoirs and Prophecies of an Extraterrestrial god
Zecharia Sitchin - its not a giant stretch to accept the notion that such beings could in fact be unwitting instruments in the hands of the "Father of All" to place upon yet another world souls of a new race of Man-kind, humans. God is obviously higher than these beings, but none-the-less, they served the role as "gods of men" as with mythological lore but likely they are not the God of mankind.


A Wealth of Wisdom: Legendary African American Elders Speak
Howard Bingham - A Wealth of Wisdom is a collection of stories, experiences, and observations of more than fifty African Americans, ages seventy and over, including Maya Angelou, Ray Charles, Ossie Davis, Ruby Dee, David Dinkins, Katherine Dunham, Dick Gregory, Robert Guillaume, Coretta Scott King, Gordon Parks, and Andrew Young. Accompanied by portraits by famed photographer Howard L. Bingham, the accounts by these pivotal leaders take us behind their historic public moments to their underlying personal realities.  Camille O. Cosby and Renee Poussaint collected the stories

Dogged Strength within the Veil:
Africana Spirituality and the Mysterious Love of God (African American Religious Thought and Life)

Josiah U. Young

Book CoverDompim:
The Spirituality of African Peoples

Guerin Montilus



The Urantia Book
by Urantia Foundation - This priceless and inexhaustible resource is the ultimate synthesis of "science, philosophy and truth", of "reason, wisdom and faith", of "past, present and future".


Cover of The Star Of Deep BeginningsThe Star of Deep Beginnings
by Charles S., III Finch, Charles S. Finch III

Hakim Bey - You're likely able to enjoy this work with only one dictionary at your side, though of courseit does still give you a lot to think about, and even more to put into action. The style is easy and more readily accessible, the suggestions and manifestos are more likely to become realized in a smaller environment. It's become another book on my recommended reading list.


Finding Soul on the Path of Orisa:
A West African Spiritual Tradition

Tobe Melora Correal - the most accessible, personable, down to earth literature I have read about ancestor and deity reverence. Tobe Melora Correal inspires self examination and shares insights from her journey of discovering the authentic self; and does so respecting the diversity and readiness of the reader. Healthy skepticism is praised and viewed as an asset/tool with regard to power inbalance and struggles, making choices about what or whom to follow specific to self, individuals, ...

Concerning Spiritualism  
Gerald Massey
The Natural Genesis
Gerald Massey -

The Temporary Autonomous Zone

Hakim Bey; Paperback

Dossier on the Ascension: The Story of the Soul's Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiation
Serapis Bey

In Search of Self
Evelyn White-Bey - The road of life is indeed a simple one. It is our perceptions and our beliefs that can make life an arduous journey.

God, the Bible and the Black Man's Destiny
Ishakamusa Barashango - written to address the imbalance in African ideology and to set the record straight about African people and their involvement in the Bible. A well resourced and researched book.

Afrikan People And European Holidays:
A Mental Genocide Book Two

Barashango Ishakamusa ; Paperback; Buy New:

Afrikan People And European Holidays:
A Mental Genocide Book One

Ishakamusa Barashango


Afrikan Genesis:
Amazing Stories of Man's Beginnings

Ishakamusa Barashango

From Niggas to Gods
Akil - As I read into the final essays of the book, Akil became a leader to me, a powerful and convincing person of ideas who got me to listen and look beyond his shocking first statements.  How to describe Akil and his ideas? Let me make a list: stimulating, provocative, edifying, entertaining, and counterintuitive, and maybe even iconoclastic.

Ojise: Messenger of the Yoruba Tradition
Baba Ifa Karade

A Definition of the Ifa Tradition

Baba Ifa Karade

Path to Priesthood
Akinkugbe Karade

The Origins & Development of African Theology
Gwinyai H. Muzorewa



The Universe in Our Body:
An Astrological and Spiritual Approach About the Oneness of All Beings

Virtues and Values:
The African and African American Experience (Facets)

Peter J. Paris

Black Man of the Nile and His Family
Yosef Ben-Jochannan


Negro Masonry in the United States
Harold V. B. Voorhis


Dossier on the Ascension:
The Story of the Soul's Acceleration into Higher Consciousness on the Path of Initiation

Serapis Bey

Awakening to Oneness:
A Personal Guide to Wholeness and Inner Peace

Sandra C. Brossman

Decrees of Memphis and Canopus
E. A. Wallis Budge

Book of the Cave of Treasures
E. A. Wallis Budge

Prince Hall Masonic Quiz Book
Joseph A. Walkes -


Paradise of the Holy Fathers, Part 1
E. A. Wallis Budge

Product photoMwari:
The Great Being God

Gwinyai H. Muzorewa; In "MWARI: The Great Being God", presents God from an African perspective, which argues for the Goodness of God. Muzorewa intends to reaffirm the glory, power, grace and spiritual nature of God.

Fallen Angels and the Origins of Evil:
Why Church Fathers Suppressed the Book of Enoch and Its Startling Revelations

Elizabeth Clare Prophet


The Lost Years of Jesus:
Documentary Evidence of Jesus' 17-Year Journey to the East

Elizabeth Clare Prophet

Arrow of God
Chinua Achebe - Achebe addresses the resynthesis of the masculine-feminine divine principles. This pre-colonial Afrikan concept is multidimensional, consists of many complementary elements and is spiritually and psychologically wholistic for Afrikans.


The Science of the Spoken Word
Mark L. Prophet


The Lost Teachings of Jesus:
Finding the God Within

Mark L. Prophet

God or Barbarian:
The Myth of a Messiah Who Will Return to Liberate Us

Jay Thomas Willis

http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0817014373&itm=52Sound the Trumpet!:
Messages to Empower African American Men

Darryl D. Sims (Editor), Darryle D. Sims (Editor), Foreword by Cain Hope Felder - Prominent preachers candidly address problems faced by black men in the hope of presenting an awakened spirituality as an alternative to unhealthy escapes.

Book CoverAfrican Openings to the Tree of Life
Erskine Peters - African Openings uncovers the universal essence and life generating principles of African religion, philosophy, mythology, folklore, rituals, and symbolism, ordered and crystalized. These principles pertain to one’s total development, relating on different levels to the person, the family, the social group, the spiritual group, the neighborhood, the community, and work organization. These principles are intended to orient one toward understanding, seeing and living life as an on-going process.


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=1563383462&itm=110Dogged Strength within the Veil: Africana Spirituality and the Mysterious Love of God
Josiah U. Young - Drawing on the work of great African American writers and others, Young seeks insights from the African American experience to break through the oppressiveness of a Christianity corrupted by white notions of power, and he suggests a return to the Gospel.

Power of Soul: Pathways to Psychological and Spiritual Growth for African Americans
Darlene Powell Hopson, Derek S. Powell, Derek S. Hopson


http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=1555232280&itm=208Dompim: The Spirituality of African Peoples
Guerin Montilus
http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0062512366&itm=192The Spirit of a Man: A Vision of Transformation for Black Men and the Women Who Love Them
Iyanla Vanzant



http://search.barnesandnoble.com/booksearch/isbnInquiry.asp?userid=pi62vU5vWL&isbn=0749920882&itm=107African Wisdom
Owen Burnham - The first book to provide an accessible introduction to the culture of the Balanta of Southern Senegal. Written by two members of a Senegalese village, one the village elder, this guide to traditional African wisdom offers insight into such subjects as the African creation story, the wisdom of plants trees and sacred animals, fostering spiritual health, and the power of music and dance.


May the blessing of the Most High rest upon us, and upon all true and faithful Brethren/Sistren throughout the Diaspora; may brotherly love prevail, and every moral and social good cement us.