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Fight the Power : Rap, Race, and Reality
"Chuck D is the towering artist of Hip-Hop culture....His voice challenges all of us!"  --Cornel West, author of Race Matters
"Fight the Power will raise some hackles, generate some furor, and, most importantly, get people thinking about the way things are, and why."  --
Chicago Sun-Times. 

Chuck discusses the role of heroes and role models in the black community, Hollywood's negative images of blacks, the effect of gangsta rap, its images on the country's youth and the war between east & west coast rappers that may have spawned the murder of Tupac Shakur, the role of athletes and entertainers in eroding and strengthening values, and other vital contemporary concerns.

Like Water Running Off My Back
Molefi K. Asante, Jr .
This collection of poetry is a window into the mind and soul of a hip young poet intent on searching for the "truth in everything". Molefi Asante Jr. writes in the tradition of African American poets who have laid a foundation rich in culture and rhythm. With poems covering a wide range of themes-identity, relationships, and family his poems reveal a young poet with intense sensibilities to the multiplicity of human possibilities.

Hip Hop America
PRICE: $13.95
In Hip Hop America Nelson George gives a first person tour through the history of hip hop from its roots in the late 70s to its emergence as the cultural force that today influences everything from movies to fashion, advertising to sports.


E.A.R.L. : The Autobiography of DMX
PRICE: $24.95
The dark journe of a boy who became a man, the man who became an artist, and the artist who became an icon. From the gritty street of Yonkers to the desert plains of Arizona, the man the world know as DMX fought his way through anger, loneliness,and constant betrayal to ultimately find his soul.

Tha Doggfather:
The Times, Trials, and Hardcore Truths of Snoop Dogg

PRICE: $23.00
The explosive, harrowing, and inspirational autobiography of the most authentic rap artist in the world, The Dog father reveals the pure, unadulterated truth about growing up in and surviving the ghetto, the whole gangster experience, and keeping it real no matter what, and eventually finding peace and harmony as a husband, father, and artist.

The Murder of Biggie Smalls
PRICE: $22.95
The Murder of Biggie Smalls uncovers what those around smalls and Shakur don't want to be revealed, including the possibility twas killed to collect on the debt. That Puffy Combs, smalls record producer, may have hired crips members as bodyguards, who in turn killed smalls over financial beef. Why many surrounding Smalls feel the police have neglected the case to the point of letting the murderer get away.

The Vibe History of Hip Hop

PRICE: $27.50
THE VIBE HISTORY OF HIP HOP VIBE, the voice of the hip hop generation, presents the essence of hip hop. Music, fashion, dance, graffiti, movies, videos, and business: It's all in this brilliant tale of a cultural revolution that spans race and gender, language and nationality.

I Make My Own Rules
PRICE: $5.99
THERE ARE REBELS, and THERE ARE INNOVATORS,, I'M AN INNOVATOR. Keeping it real ain't about being true to yourself and those around you. In this business, sex is like candy---plentiful and cheap.. READ HIS STORY. LEARN FROM HIS WORDS. MAKE YOUR OWN RULES.


Ladies First :
Revelations of a Strong Woman

PRICE: $12.00
At nineteen she was the first female solo rapper to have a major record deal. Four years later she had become a top television actress and movie star. She earned a grammy, started a record label, and became the president of her own company. Todayshe is rap music's most enduring female force and hosts her own talk show.

Project Girl
PRICE: $23.00
An eloquent account of a remarkable life, Project Girl should be placed on all high school and college reading lists and offered to anyone looking for a book beautifully written. Unique, unflinching, and totally absorbing, Project Girl names the terrors and rewards of life in worlds we had though mutually exclusive.

The Pimp's Rap:
A True Story

PRICE: $6.99
One of the world's top pimps breaks the code of silence unveiling how and why he became a pimp. It took five years for the author to complete The Pimp's Rap. After it's completion, the manuscript was stolen but justice prevailed. Take the phone off the hook and cut the beeper off. Now for the first time in print get ready to experience a world called The Pimp's Rap.

Savion! : My Life in Tap:

Savion Glover has redefined tap dancing, and it can never be the same again. Watching Savion dance, listening to him tap, you can hear the rhythms of jazz and hip-hop, rock and roll and bebop, a corner boom-box rap or a smoky blues. When Savion is "playin" the Floor" with the soles of his feet. hoofing and hittin he speaks to the world with a power and ease that has captivated millions.

PRICE: $19.95
"T-Boz is a truly gifted artist who has inspired millions of people all over the world. She is a star that shines as brightly as a beautiful summer day, and she is also a friend who brings warmth to the harsh winters of life. Tionne has the wisdom of an elderly scholar and a heart as pure as a newborn child. Thoughts gives one a special bird's eye view into the mind, heart, and soul of an extraordinary person".



Rectangular Callout: New Release and A Powerful Read!
The Lies Hustlers Never Tell
Author: Shahida T. Fennell;

Book Description

A novel based on the trappings of the inner city, the men involved in illegal activities and the women deceived by the lies told by these men.

About the Author
Shahida T. Fennell is the Author of "The Lies Hustlers Never Tell". An innovative poet, writer and AIDS activist, this powerful Delaware-born novelist is producing literature that promotes awareness to the current social issues within the urban community.

 Sis. Shahidah says: “This book is not about a particular person nor is it meant to offend anyone in or out of the game.  There is a flip side to every coin and this book is touching my point of view based on my experience, which became “The Lies Hustlers Never Tell”.  I’m not glorifying the game in any way, but the reality is there are only three things that can come out of the game:  If you escape death, there’s always jail – if you miss that, you usually become the nigga’ you use to serve.”


“This book was sensational. I like the characters as well as all of the many twist['s] and turn['s] of events that occurred throughout the book. Definitely a page turner. The character Ace is a "true hustler." Congratulations....


Around the Way Girls
by Angel Hunter, LA Jill Hunt, Dwayne S. Joseph

Three tough Brooklyn women--Syndi, who is desperate to escape New York and her dysfunctional family; Angel, who meets her match in a man who knows how to play the game; and Cream, a single mother and stripper who gets embroiled in a dangerous scam--learn valuable lessons in life and love. 

There's a saying in Brooklyn that if you come from my part of town that you're from around the way. Well Sydni, Angel and Cream are all from around the way. They all live in Crown Heights, one of the most notorious sections of Brooklyn, but to them it's just a place they call home. Around the Way girls is a fast paced look at the life of three street smart woman who think they know it all but are about to get the lessons of their lives.


Is It a Crime: A Street Saga
Roy Glenn;
Roy Glenn has easily slipped into the ranks of literary stars on the rise. His first Novel "Is It A Crime" contains all the elements of a compelling story told with the insight and perspective of someone close to the characters and events. His Story does more than move, it gyrates.

Mike Black has it all: money, power, and everyone’s respect. His violent rise to power earned him the name Vicious Black. Although he has everything he ever wanted, none of it seems to matter until he becomes enchanted with Cassandra Sims.


Street Life

Streetlife is an in-depth graphic journey into the struggle of life as a young black male raised by America's inner city streets. This journey is not only Jihad's, but documented bits and pieces of every African-American mother's son's life. The private lives of so many that have revolved around him as he evolved thru childhood, adolescence and adulthood is profiled.


Drama Queen
Jill Hunt; 
Kayla Hopkins is young, beautiful and can't win for losing. That's why everyone calls her the Drama Queen.

She doesn't go looking for drama, it just happens to find her. Take for instance, her love life. Kayla's not satisfied with just one man. She has two-one she's in love with and another whom she's pregnant by. A ready-made formula for disaster, but will Kayla see it before everything blows up in her face? Her track record says no, but her friends and family can only hope. Drama Queen is a hilariously funny and fast-paced novel that offers king-size drama and entertainment.


She's Got Issues
Stephanie Johnson;
This is the story of two women -Sinclair, who wants to love again but can't trust enough to do so, and Alliette, who does not love herself and so cannot recognize love when it shows its face. It teaches us that even when the ulterior motive may start off being negative, it can lead to unexpected developments. The truest and best of friends are sometimes friends by accident.

She's Got Issues will entice the genders and take them on a ride that will reinvent the meaning of friendship, understanding, and compassion, and allow them to love and lose without anger or judgment.


A Gangster's Girl

The story of Ceazia a very attractive, very good girl who has just left the safety of her parents’ home and entered into the world of bad boys and fast money. Ceazia thinks the world belongs to her when she meets Vegas, one of the tidewater Virginia area’s most notorious drug dealers. Even though she knows a relationship with Vegas goes against everything her parents taught her, she still can’t resist his bad boy persona. He’s fine, sexy, and ready to give her anything her heart desires—just what the doctor ordered for a broke, wannabe diva. The only problem is this might just end up being the biggest mistake of her life.  Ceazia thinks the world belongs to her when she meets Vegas, one of the tidewater Virginia area's most notorious drug dealers. Even though she knows a relationship with Vegas goes against everything her parents taught her, she still can't resist his bad boy persona.


  A Thug's Life
Thomas Long;

A Thug's Life is an emotional, non-stop thriller that will hold your attention from the first page. It's filled with sex, drugs, murder, and crime- all the key ingredients for a suspense filled urban novel. The author takes you intimately into the minds of the main characters as they struggle with their inner demons in an effort to survive this vicious test of wills. He inspires you to think and, at the same time, choose sides between Dayvon and Ty. He also shows you that the Thug Life is real and that no one can escape the game without paying a price. You will learn that the price might be your life or your soul.


Chasin' It
Tony Lindsay;

Chasin' It is an urban story twisted with jealousy, addiction, denial, obsession and deception. From Las Vegas's Caesars stage to life on Chicago's mean streets, the lessons are hard and many for Terri in this rite of passage tale like no other. Chasin' It will keep you spellbound from the first pages and fascinate you with a story like nothing you've ever read before. It is truly the wildest street story of them all.


Girls from da' Hood
Nikki Turner;

Travel with Lady Bug as she navigates through the hood putting every petty hustle into play to chase hard times away from her door. Never having a bit of shame, her low-lifed scams are a sure disgrace to any gold digger, sac chaser, guttersnipe or chicken head. For she falls at the bottom of the barrel weighting in at nothing less than a hoodrat!


The Womanizers
Dwayne S. Joseph;

For best friends Mike, Max, and Ahmad, the bonds of friendship, love and respect, are put to the ultimate test as each one of them is forced to take a long, hard look at himself and the woman he loves. They all said their 'I do's,' but did they really understand what it meant?


  Love Is Blind
Parry Brown;

National bestselling author Parry "Ebonysatin" Brown and a few of her new literary friends Pat Simmons and Lisa Y. Watson have sat down and written a winner. Love is Blind contains three outrageously funny stories of love and life.


Sins of the Father
Felicia Madlock;

Player, liar, and deceiver.  These are words that Terrance and Malik use to describe Samuel "Street" Jamieson. They never considered him their father. They did not grieve his untimely death; they mourned his departure years ago, when he walked out of their lives unannounced, leaving their mother heartbroken. Nadine sees the same poisonous charm in her sons that she saw in Street. A father's absence is always present in the lives of his sons. Unsuppressed anger, hatred, and bitterness fester in Terrance and Malik. These emotions surface to a crescendo when they are faced with circumstances that threaten to shatter their world. Can they learn to forgive?


by Roy Glenn

Crime Lover: Roy Glenn has done it again. This book the the bomb. Travis and his crew had the robbing game down tight.

Also recommended: Is it a crime; Dutch
shanise (babygurl4life8@yahoo.com), person who loves to read,
Mob Lover
Who says crime dosen't pay? Becauseis ure does for Travis Burn. He's the leader of a well organised robbing crew known only as MOB and he and his crew are living the good life. They target banks, supermarket, jewellers, and anything else that they can hit quick and come away with a large return.

No More Drama
by LA Jill Hunt

Shareka (Msfenae@yahoo.com), an avid Book Lover, February 16, 2005, 5 out of 5 stars
Worth 6 Stars !
Drama Drama Drama... I think this was better than Part 1. Terrell had so much drama in his life that I didnt think he was going to straighten up at all. Roni was devious and messed up a good thing . I should have knew something was up w/her going out of town for a week and she is a school teacher. She should have been named Drama Queen in this book. It ended cute with Uncle Jay claiming he was Darla's baby daddy !!

    Drug Related
Roy Glenn;

The Bomb!
This book is the bomb! I couldn't even but the book down. I think that everyone should read it.
Also recommended: A Hustler Wife, A Gangster Girl, and Bad Girlz.



Author: Nubian James

Paris Hightower, is a sexy young thang who falls in love with the man of her dreams, Tyree Dickerson, the son of very wealthy Real Estate tycoons. But there’s a problem…. Tyree’s mother (Mrs. Dickerson) thinks that her son is too good for Paris and is dead-set on destroying the relationship at all costs.

After Mrs. Dickerson reveals a long-kept secret to Paris about her mother (Ebony Hightower), a woman that abandoned Paris and her brother more than fifteen years ago when she was forced to flee and hide from police amidst Attempted-Murder charges for shooting Paris’ father --- Paris is left in an impossible situation.

A Project Chick
by Nikki Turner, Nikki Turner Nikkie Turner
Tressa is a fly girl accustomed to the lavish lifestyle that her possessive, deranged, baby’s daddy, Lucky, has provider her with. In order to keep her high post standards of living, she has excused so many of his unforgivable actions. It is not until he pulls off the ultimate stunt that she realizes that no mink coat, car, house or any amount of money is worth her peace of mind.
by Teri Woods, BERNARD JAMES
Real street credibility....
This book is a must. It kept me on my feet everytime when something crazy would happen in every chapter. Dutch is a person who really didn't care about anything or anyone.


A Hustler's Wife
by Nikki Turner
Urban Trendsetters Magazine
"You are now crowned the Princess of Hip-Hop Fiction. Arise and take your rightfully earned seat on the thrown!"
Bad Girlz
by Shannon Holmes
Taken under the wing of Kat, a veteran stripper, Tender and Goldie must turn to the streets and strip clubs as a way to survive difficult times.

Thugs and the Women Who Love Them
by Wahida Clark
Wahida Clark was born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey. She decided to start writing fiction while incarcerated at a women’s federal camp in Lexington, KY. Her style is street, raw, and she has an imagination that’s in overdrive. When you read her novels they are so real you are convinced...

Every Thug Needs a Lady
by Wahida Clark
Born and raised in Trenton, New Jersey, "Every Thug Needs A Lady" is the second book from Wahida Clark. Currently incarcerated at a women’s federal camp in Lexington, KY, she is working on her third novel, "Don't Knock the Hustle".

Player Haters
by Carl Weber
Weber's winning record of frothy, scandalous African-American novels (Baby Momma Drama, etc.) continues with his fourth book, a fast-paced mix of scandal, jealousy and wickedness featuring the bickering, beautiful Duncan family. Successful, handsome Wil Duncan is frustrated with Diane, his wife of...

by Tracy Brown
Nikki Turner, The Princess of Hip-Hop Fiction and ESSENCE Magazine Best Selling Author
"Black proves that sometimes, even in the black of the darkest days, there is a light."

Dime Piece
by Tracy Brown

From the beginning of the book, I just knew that it would be filled w/drama ! It was a let down and the ending of the book just was crazy. I thought maybe Rah-Lo would have found out about Ish and Celeste or maybe Celeste and Asia would have had a few choice words or something. But it didn't end that way. It would have been better even if Rah-Lo would have ended up in ATL w/Celeste and decided that is where he wanted to be to end the drug game. But it just ended w/?'s and left me full of guesses.

Lookin' for Luv
by Carl Weber
Weber considers the travails of searching for love in New York's African American community from a male perspective through the experiences of a quartet of coworkers at a high school in Queens. When Kevin, a 23-year-old teacher who blew his chance in the NBA, tells Antoine, a 36-year-old English...

 Baby Momma Drama
by Carl Weber
Weber gets down and dirty with a couple of bed-hopping African-American couples in his latest, a raunchy, over-the-top romantic romp that reads like a cross between a soap opera and a Jerry Springer episode. The protagonists are a pair of sisters, Jasmine and Stephanie, who have enough man trouble...

A Dollar and a Dream
by Carl Weber, Angel Hunter, Dwayne S. Joseph, La Jill Hunt
With one person designated to purchase tickets for the $180 million jackpot, six co-workers lives will be changed forever as each of them learns just how strong the pull of money can be. “One Night, Six Dreams” is a wild, shocking tale of just how far a person might go to have it all...

Caught Up!
by Winston Chapman
"Quick, Erotic & Satisfying Read! Dare To Explore A World Most Have Only Heard About!"

Wild Thangz
by Winston Chapman
Mysterious Luva, Essence Magazine Best-Selling Author of “Sex A Baller”
"Wild Thangz is HOT! Winstson Chapman shonuff brings the HEAT!"

by Kashamba Williams
Linda Earthman
"Williams at her best. A box of kleenex is what you will need to complete this read." -

by Kashamba Williams
A fast read, I was excited to know what would happen to Cam in this book. He was vicious and heartless. I was surprised when he had to rely on his Stepdad at the end though. Kenny was special also. I knew that he was gay, but he should have advised Shavonee that he was because he messed up her life. I think this was a good Part 2 and it keeps you interesting to the very end !

 If Only Eye's Knew
by KaShamba Williams

Imagine This
by Vickie M. Stringer
Vickie Stringer returns after the success of her first novel with her trademark thrilling and realistic narratives of contemporary street lives. For a while Pamela had it all. She and Chino, a successful player in the street game, were in love. He gave her emotional security, financial stability

by T.N. Baker



Booty Call
by Erick S. Gray
Erick Gray is a rising new author representing Jamaica, Queens. Gray’s novel "Booty Call" places him in an elite category of young authors who effortlessly draw readers directly to the urban side of his experience. Erick is now working on his next novel.

 Street Dreams
by K'wan Foye

“K’wan has really out done himself on this one. Street Dreams is a must read for any fan of urban fiction.”  -Shannon Holmes, national bestselling author of Bad Girlz and B-More Careful.  "K'wan delivers another classic with Street Dreams. . .You won't be disappointed!" -Mark Anthony,

Road Dawgz
by K'Wan, K'wan Foye
K’wan is, without a doubt, one of the most talented authors to have hit the scene in quite a while. Born the only child of a poet and a painter, he was surrounded by creativity early on.   For years K’wan composed novels and tried to get published, only to have door after door slammed in his...

Paper Chasers
by Mark Anthony
Mark Anthony is a talented author with a unique writing style that is crisp, clear, and full of sharp detail. This Queens, NY native made his literary debut with "Paper Chasers", which reached #6 on the Essence Magazine Bestsellers list. The hard-hitting drama is based loosely on his own life.

by Mark Anthony
Winston Chapman, Essence Magazine Best-Selling Author of Caught Up!
"Whew!! Dogism is one of the best stories ever! Mark Anthony’s urban literary genius shines brightly!"

The Sex Chronicles
by Zane
Eric Jerome Dickey, Author of Liar's Game
"Zane's writing warms me, heats me up, satisfies me with a passion. This woman does incredible, erotic things with words."

Gettin' Buck Wild
by Zane
Black Issues Book Review Whew! When you slide between the sheets with [Gettin' Buck Wild], be forewarned. [Zane's] books aren't for the faint of heart. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Chocolate Flava
by Zane
An anthology of twenty-five African-American erotic short stories, collected by the owner of the popular Eroticanoir.com website, includes pieces by such contributors as Ife Ayodele, Reese Williams, and Sha'ron Jai. Original. 50,000 first printing.

Momma's Baby, Daddy's Maybe
by Jamise L. Dames
Bestselling author, Tracy Price-Thompson
"Sensual and intriguing! Dames weaves a tale full of swing and passion. A sassy new voice in contemporary fiction."

 Naughty or Nice
by Eric Jerome Dickey
Dickey's holiday gift to readers follows his usual sure-fire formula of African-American sex, love, infidelity and redemption (Sister, Sister; Cheaters; The Other Woman). This time the backdrop is Christmas/Kwanzaa in Los Angeles, with lights twinkling in the windows and fake snow glistening beneath...

The Other Woman
by Eric Jerome Dickey
Plans for revenge spin out of control in this sharp-edged, sizzling novel by bestselling Dickey (Liar's Game; Between Lovers). The unnamed narrator has it all-a loving husband, a beautiful home and a lucrative career as a television producer in Los Angeles. Although she works long hours, she knows...

Somebody's Gotta Be on Top
by Mary B. Morrison
Arriving in Washington, D.C., to start his own company, with the help of his friends Jada and Wellington, twenty-two-year-old Darius Jones hires a woman from his past, Fancy Taylor, to oversee his West Coast offices.

Flipside of The Game
by Tu-Shonda L. Whitaker
Stepping to the forefront, award winning author, Tu-Shonda Whitaker, embraces her love for writing and releases its passion in her fictitious novel, Flip Side of the Game. In 1996 Tu-Shonda won the Ella Baker and W.E.B Dubois’ International award for fiction writing. Tu-Shonda has been...

Block Party
by Al- Saadiq Banks, Al-Saadiq Banks
By me being from newark and living here all my life, I know how the hood can be. And this book captures how life can be like here. This author was the perfect person to tell our story.Even though i'm yuong, i have seen a lot and this book is an outstanding way to tell the truth of the hood. Stand up brick city. And take a bow Mr. Banks.

Dumb As Me
by Michael Gainer
Unlike the other books that we tend to read about the normal life in the ghetto with an ending that is so predictable Dumb As Me is different. This book was so intriguing to read that I couldn't put it down. I read it in one day because I wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

8 Ball Chicks
This book shows the life for girls in the streets these days. It is good to finally see a book about something real. As a girl gangmember also it is important for people in this society to understand how life is for us. That we don't always choose this, but we have to live with it. I wish she would write another one.



Book Cover

How to Be a Player
Author: Julian L. D. Shabazz;
Finally a self-help book targeted directly for the Hip Hop generation. Although, I found the book both insightful and motivational, the language is what really impressed me. The author relayed the fourteen principles for success in the game of life in a voice that was both "street" and smart. He also hammered home his points with examples from the lives of people that ranged from preachers to pimps. Lessons on focus, attitude, confidence and overcoming fear and adversity were covered using people like Vanassa Williams, Master P and Muhammad Ali.
This is not your average self-help book rehashed. This book is about keeping it real. I recommend parents reading it and passing it on to your kids. That is what I did but, be careful the may not be for kids too young and the length will leave you hungry for more.



Rap, Ritual, and Reality
by Dr. John C. "Turk" Logan Jr., Dr. John C. Logan Jr.

All adults as well as teenagers should read this book, so
they can get a better understanding of the meaning
"gangsta rap".

Hip Hop Divas: Hip Hop Divas
by Vibe magazine; As a single source on distaff purveyors of "thick, syrupy bass lines and Jeep-rocking hip hop beats," this set of Vibe magazine profiles is hard to beat. Written in streetwise and therefore YA-friendly language, it covers such stars as Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, and Lil' Kim and caps the performer... 


United States Vs Hip Hop the Historical and Political Significance of Rap Music
by Julian Shabazz

Public Enemy #1
by David L. Shabazz
A jam-packed, no-holds-barred book that not only chronicles the rap genre but also analyzes it from a cultural standpoint.
Hip-Hop vs MAAT
by Jawanza Kunjufu, Kunjufu
Values and how they affect decisions regarding abortion or adoption, marriage, gun control, and other controversial issues.
Droppin' Science
by William Eric Perkins, Temple University Press
Perkins, a faculty fellow at the W.E.B. DuBois House at the University of Pennsylvania, has assembled a collection of essays about rap music and hip hop culture. He provides an introductory history of rap, followed by articles about the pioneering contributions of female and Latino American rappers....

Rap and Hip Hop: The Voice of a Generation (African Diaspora)
by S. Ayazi-Hashjin
The primary focus of these slim volumes is to place their musical genre in historical context. The first half of each book provides information on how the style or styles are rooted in African music, civilization, and culture. They refer to the journey made by certain traditions across the Atlantic with the slave trade and their metamorphosis into jazz and rap.

The Hip Hop Generation
by Bakari Kitwana
Bakari Kitwana, a former editor at The Source, identifies blacks born between 1965 and 1984 as belonging to the "hip-hop generation" a term he uses interchangeably with black youth culture ("Generation X" applies mainly to whites, he says). He calls hip-hop "arguably the single most significant.

 The Spoken Word Revolution
by Mark Eleveld (Editor),
Given that it documents an oral medium, this collection has to be judged mostly by its accompanying CD, with the print text secondary. Narrated with forced garrulousness by slam paterfamilias Mark Smith, the disc begins with an introduction from poet laureate Billy Collins, which gives way to a...

Hip Hoptionary TM
Adult/High School-This useful source of definitions for contemporary urban slang also contains plenty of old-fashioned words and phrases that predate hip-hop culture by decades. Some examples of the latter include "ego-trippin," "grapevine," "cancer sticks," and "wallflowers."

Hip- Hop-Perations: Surgical Essays and Poems for the Ghetto Mind
by Khalil Amani

Hard-core essays that are relevant for a hip-hop generation.


Gunshots in My Cook-Up : Bits and Bites from a Hip-Hop Caribbean Life
by Selwyn Seyfu Hinds 
Interspersing recollections of life in the hip-hop trenches with profiles of figures like Lauryn Hill, Sean "P. Diddy" Combs, Dr. Dre, Wyclef Jean, and more, Hinds traces the heights and depths of his hip-hop love affair. Like the Guyanese rice dish "cook-up," Gunshots in My Cook-Up ingeniously pulls wide-ranging elements into an irresistibly cohesive dish.

Back in the Day
by Darrin Keith Bastfield
Six years after his murder at age 25, Tupac Shakur is a legendary figure in hip hop. Befitting his celebrity are at least a half-dozen books on his life and death, including two "serious" biographies (Armond White's Rebel for the Hell of It and Michael Eric Dyson's Holler If You Hear Me).

The 'Hood Comes First
by Murray Forman
'The 'Hood Comes First' looks at the specific emphasis on real neighbourhoods and streets in rap music and hip hop culture as a urgent response to the cultural and geographical ghettoization of black urban communities.

When Chickenheads Come Home to Roost : My Life as A Hip Hop Feminist
by Joan Morgan;
In this fresh, funky, and irreverent book, a new voice of the post-Civil Rights, post-feminist, post-soul generation has emerged in Joan Morgan: a groundbreaking and unflinching author who probes the complex issues facing African-American women today.

The Rap on Gangsta Rap
by Bakari Kitwana

The Rap On Gangsta Rap is a critical review of the highly explosive and widely discussed musical artform called gangsta rap. Bakari Kitwana examines the ways in which diverse issues such as Black culture, male-female relationships, sexism, white supremacy (racism), and gun violence converge in the controversial rap music.


  Between God and Gangsta Rap
by Michael Eric Dyson
"Preacher and public intellectual" Dyson (Making Malcolm) offers a lucid, mostly stimulating roundup of op-eds, reviews and articles about books, music, people and politics. An ordained Baptist minister, at 35 he has his finger on the pulse of the younger generation, so he can criticize the NAACP...

Why White Kids Love Hip Hop
by Bakari Kitwana
A veteran social commentator and music critic argues that hip-hop has broken down more racial barriers than any other social development since the Civil Rights movement. Our national conversation about race is ludicrously out-of-date. Hip-hop is the key to understanding how things are changing.

Listen Up!Listen Up!: Spoken Word Poetry
Yusef Komunyakaa;
"Today, the poetry scene flourishes at New York open-mic spots like the Nuyorican Poets Café. Spoken-word poets cast their diverse spells of word beats inspiring young contemporaries in Cleveland, Ohio, Los Angeles, Chicago, Washington, D.C., and Atlanta; later branching out internationally to venues in Tokyo, Rio de Janiero, London, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam, and Istanbul."