Maku: Black Eagle

"...And this is how and when it all began for us. The mission of our master teacher formed in the late nineteen sixties A. D.  Knowing the Nubians weren’t ready for that level of information as of yet, I started teaching under the name Imaam Isa, for Muslims seem to be the most influential movements of that time and didn’t dare question each other. I set up the headquarters, which was located in Brooklyn, New York and began in an apartment building on twenty five, twenty five Bedford Avenue in nineteen sixty and seven A. D. During this time I named my mission Ansaar Pure Sufi, with usage of the six-pointed star and crescent with an ankh inside. Our official garb at this time was a black tunic, we called a budlah and black loose fitting pants, with a tarbush and shoes which became known as Romeos. This was the year nineteen sixty and seven A. D. Then the dress changed to African robes and the people, we called ourselves Nubians. This was the year nineteen sixty and eight and nine A. D.

In nineteen sixty and nine A. D. The group metamorphosed to the Nubian Islaamic Hebrews. And the dress changed to a more elaborate style of dashiki, a black fez and a small bone in the left ear for those who wished to wear it and a ring in the right nostril. In nineteen seventy A. D. The Nubian Islaamic Hebrews were founded as an official sect and communal living was set. Also in the year nineteen and seventy A. D., the small flock moved to a house on Neptune Avenue and twenty third street in Coney Island. And opened the Pure Sufi Bookstore on seven twenty Flatbush Avenue and the layout and printing shop was four nine two Flatbush Avenue, right down the block. Twenty eighty thirteen West twenty ninth Street served as a meeting place and lecture hall which was my home in Coney Island.

We then relocated and opened a Masjid on twenty two Utica Avenue. This was a very spiritual period and many Angelic visitors manifested themselves to the growing congregation. Our community was expanding so rapidly, we had to move again in nineteen and seventy and two A. D. This time to four fifty to Rockaway Avenue where classes were held in what we called the "Upper Room." The next move took us to Carroll Street where a candy store was opened.

Later that year the Masjid was re-established at eight thirty three St. John’s Place and a book store was opened. I began publishing the pamphlets of peace. I wrote, typed, illustrated, reproduced and distributed them almost single handedly. I diligently treaded the streets of New York and the surrounding areas as I propagated Sufi Islaam. I was blessed with the "gift of gab" and combined with a sense of humor and charisma that draws people of all walks of life to me. People began to wonder who this man that spoke so profoundly and so persistently on many subjects which were previously considered unmentionable. At first, many people joined the mission because it was the style: to be "black" and cultural. I drew many hypocrites-phonies who just wanted to "play Muslim." They didn’t want to work to build a nation. They just wanted to dress in African clothing, play drums and listen to me speak. I called them the "first fruits." They were faithful, but not true.

In nineteen seventy and two A. D., after returning from Sudan I drew a literal line in the masjid floor, and said: those who wanted their "culture," but did not want to sacrifice to build for the future were excluded. The mission was then carried on by those who were willing to "work for perfection." The mission expanded and moved to a new headquarters in the Bushwick section of Brooklyn, originally occupying one building seven forty three Bushwick Avenue, and then adding on more buildings as time passed until it had grown to a village which presently exist on Bushwick Avenue till this day.

Our mission has obtained all its assets through sacrificing without the aid of outside funds. We’ve established many businesses within our community structure. Immediately the jealousy and hatred started. The slander was on the lips of those who could not quite overstand where we came from. We donned black tarbushes and our symbol was simply a crescent, a six-pointed star and an ankh. We propagated daily, we walked the trains, throughout the buses on all the college campuses. Our message of the Nubian Islaamic Hebrews, Ansaaru Allah Community could be heard. The Nubians that were following Orthodox Islam, or many of the other groups would simply say, if you ignore them they will just go away, they are just a schism. They won’t last, we are the true nation, we have the right way. However as time has proven they are the ones that have fallen away. Their leaders took them absolutely nowhere, as the watched the Ansaaru Allah Community grow worldwide, a link was made with the Ansaars of the Sudan known as the Mahdiyya, which welcomed the Ansaars of the Western hemisphere. At this point we were wearing what had been established as the international garb of the Ansaaru Allah Community, which consisted of the thawb, dress and khimar, face veil for the female. This face veil which was not apart of the Sudanese original dress was introduced by the women of the community who mostly left immediately after and went back to wearing western attire leaving the devoted women behind veiled. I told them the day would come when his veil would have to be removed while living in the West, and it has. And the jallaabiyya, a long white garment and bantaluwn, loose fitting pants and immah, head covering for the male with an azzaba.

This angered them more, for it legitimized the Ansaaru Allah Community as being linked to their ancestors in Nubia and one family. But our teachings was still in a baby stage and was growing to adolescence rapidly. We were unique because no human being can find fault in it. There is no confusion in it.

Then on into adulthood, our code of dress changed from time to time, to suit the time we were in. Our garb had mutated again in the year nineteen ninety and two A. D., to the kathnuwth, tunic and bantaluwn, loose fitting pants with a sash around the waist in various colors for the male, and the budlah nubi of the female which also consists of a tunic and bantaluwn and a shawl as a head covering of many colors. And the information that was being taught, believing that you must be submerged into the environment of what you’re being taught fully was completed. This again made the fools raise their eyebrows, and say of us;

"I told you they didn’t know what they were doing, they keep changing. They used to wear veils, now they don’t".

Not one of them was intelligent enough to see, that this change was their great chance, for they said;

"those people, those Ansaars they’re not real Muslims, Allah does not accept their prayers, or their fasting, and they’re not going to Jennah, they worship that man, that disco singer Dr.York".

Yet when the change came they confessed to themselves and to the Ansaaru Allah Community that all the while they thought of us as Muslims, for they said;

"I heard they don’t fast Raamadan no more, I heard they don’t make five daily prayers no more, and they destroyed the Masjid, I heard their women no longer follow the dress of Al Qur’aan, they’re taking of the veil and their men no longer no longer wear the jallaabiyyas and the immahs, what happened to them?"

The answer should have been simply, if we weren’t Muslims, how could they ask these questions. They confirmed that they looked to us as living according to Al Qur’aan. Our children were raised speaking fluent classical Arabic, reading the Qur’aan in Arabic, yet the Qur’aan is a fourteen hundred year old book, and Islam is a fourteen hundred year old religion the way they practiced it. And was doing absolutely nothing to change the condition of the Nubian in the Western hemisphere. They may put on a taggiyah, grow a beard, or shave their beard, put on oils from the east or robes from the west, prayer beads in their hands, and carry an English translation of the Qur’aan but the condition and the state of mind did not change. A sign that with all they had and have been exposed to, with all these teachers and saviors they were still in need of a Right Knowledge a Right Wisdom and a Right Overstanding. It is my job to reform all the false teachings that had been taught to Nubians in the west and restore Islaam to it’s pristine purity. It is because of these false teachings of the so-called Arabs who deliberately mistranslated verses of the Qur’aan to confuse non-Arabic speaking Nubians in the west .

We moved up into the Catskills Mountains of Liberty, New York and set up what I called Jazzir Abba. And set up the nineteen test of nineteen weeks of the faithful that would come through blizzards, to be taught once that was accomplished. The next move was to the Mecca of Nubians, Georgia. The dress then changed to western attire in order to get everybody away from doing their own thing; those that truly followed the Lamb wherever he may lead them, trusted in him and wore western clothes and even listen to country western music, simply because he asked them to and now The Holy Tabernacle Ministries is growing world wide and the mission is being accomplished.

In Depth:

The Ansaaru Allah Nubian Hebrew form a very closed community, which identifies very closely with the Muslim culture of the Sudan. This community, which originated in the turbulent years of the sixties, has tried to accommodate Black Nationalism, radicalism, and Islam in one stroke. These facts are what attract African Americans, after they have been introduced to Islam, to this community. They want to live in a spiritual space free from the corruptions and difficulties of life in the general African American community. Their community life is very structured, unique and systematized. Women, married and unmarried, for example live communally separated from both their spouses and children.

Their central mosque in New York is equipped with the most modern computer equipment, sewing machines, and tape reproduction and video equipment. They answer the worldwide call for “True Light” tapes, Islamic films, doctrine books, and Islamic garbs. Their research, graphics, mailroom and shipping departments were developed to continue the propagation of Al Islam throughout the world. The “Children of Light” which were groomed within the Ansaaru Allah Community are well educated in Arabic Fusha, Qur’aanic recitation, salaat, scriptural laws and the Da’wah of Al Mahdi of the Sudan.

Resembling the tribal histories that are all-important in the Islamic world, divergence is especially evident in this group. The Imam writes continuously asserting" hypocrisy” on the part of the Sunni Muslims and their efforts to further enslave African-American Muslims. Elaborating Elijah Muhammad’s assertions of the primacy of African people and the special tasks of the African-American, Imam ‘Isa has reconstructed the history of African people and a detail accounting of how African American Muslims have been duped by Sunni Muslims. Spelling out the deception, as he sees it practiced on the African-American Muslims, he notes certain injunctions and declares them false. Example are, the prohibition on drinking; if a man marries women who are not virgins, or widows or divorced, then they can only become concubines or right hand possessions in his family; that innovations are prohibited; and so on. Hadith literature, which is fundamental for most Islamic sects, does not have legitimacy in this community.

The women of the Ansaaru Allah Community focus on memorizing history as their Imam sees it, learning Arabic (many of them are quite fluent), incorporating Sudanese etiquette into their mannerisms and memorizing the Quran. They participate in the compilation of the various texts produced by the community and also work in the recording studio owned by the community. Other than this work, the women’s main source of income comes from US government public assistance and monies earned by the men in various enterprises such as food shops, jewelry and merchandise stories, and street vending.


Inspired by Shaikh Daoud and the Hon. Elijah Muhammad, Imam Isa formed a group called “Ansar Pure Sufi” in 1967. In 1973, he visited Mecca, and then went to the Sudan where he paid homage to Al-Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad’s tomb in Umburman, Sudan. There he also met with members of Al-Mahdi’s family, and visited Aba Island, the stronghold of the Ansar sect. He took pictures of himself at all these places, and in Brooklyn, New York showed photos of his reunion with his “family” in the Sudan, claiming to be a great grandson of Al-Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad, the Sudanese who defeated the armies of the British Empire. He started organizing the black youth who listened to the amazing reports of his trip and the history of their “own kind.” He taught them to dress in the traditional costumes of the Sudanese Ansar and built them a mosque styled after the tomb of the Mahdi.

He claims that Faatimah Maryam, his mother, in 1944, at age 19 traveled to Egypt from the U.S. She met a young 20-year old man name AL-Haadi, son of Abdur Rahman, who was attending school in Alexandria, Egypt. She didn’t know who he was nor about his royal descendancy. They established a relationship and at the end of the school year, in 1945, Al-Haadi Abdur Rahman Al-Mahdi had to return to Aba Island, Sudan, leaving Faatimah Maryam with child.

In June of the same year, Faatimah Maryam went to Umdurman, Sudan, to meet Al-Haadi Abdur Rahman Al-Mahdi, but was unable to see him. On Monday, June 25, 1945, she went into labor and at 12:00 midnight, on Tuesday June 26, she gave birth to ‘Isa. As per the custom in the Sudan, Isa assumed the name of his father, thus the name Isa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi. Later, when the Sudanese Imam Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi was killed in the Aba Island rebellion in 1969, ‘Isa changed his name to As Sayyid Isa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi. Isa’s American name is Dwight York.

Faatimah Maryam was escorted back to the United States, to Boston and then to New Bedford, Massachusetts. ‘Isa was raised in Massachusetts until the age of seven. At the age of seven he was escorted to Aswan, Nubia in Wadi-Halfa. He returned back to the U.S. at the age of 12 in 1957. He spent his adolescent years in Teaneck, New Jersey. After High School, he attended universities in the Sudan and Egypt. He received a degree in Arabic from the University of Cairo.

Imam ‘Isa makes the following claims:

“I, on the other hand, am a khaliyfa (successor) of the Mahdi (AS) of the Sudan, because I qualified for the position which was left vacant after the death of my father, the Martyr As Sayyid Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi. I willingly have stepped down to my uncle, As Sayyid Ahmad Abdur Rahman Al-Mahdi (as he is known), head of the Committee of Ansaar Affairs in the Sudan. He, by rights holds, the title to the third khaliyfa (successor) because he is the oldest surviving brother of the Martyr, Al-Imaam Al-Haadi Abdur Rahman Al-Madhi (AS).”

“As Sayyid Ahmad Abdur Rahman Al-Mahdi has now stepped forward in the Sudan as the third khaliyfa, he is qualified by descendancy as well as experience. ALLAH approves of blood successorship, for this is the law of the Scriptures of ALLAH.”

“The Prophet Moses was succeeded by his brother Aaron. His son Isaac succeeded the Prophet Abraham. The Prophet Zacharias was succeeded by his son John the Baptist; and it continues on down the Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad, son of Abdullah (AS) of the Sudan.”

“I am reforming my nation, the Nubian nation and am progressing very rapidly.”

“I am in the West teaching Diynu Allah and the Sunnah of all the Prophets which is the way they did things. This was passed down before the Prophet Muhammad.”

“The Ansaaru Allah Community has been established since the year 1970 A.D., this was the victorious opening of the seventh seal. No one in the Islamic world has put forth as much doctrine as the Ansaaru Allah Community has in the short span of 20 years. The quote below speaks about the Ansaaru Allah Community and its members, the millions of Ansaar (Aisers of Allah).



“Under the Mahdi name I spread the Da’wah of the Mahdi (AS) of the Sudan”

“The Mahdi family alive today is the true descendants of the Mahdi Muhammad Ahmad son of Abdullah (AS) of he Sudan and of the Prophet Muhammad.”

“The reality is that anyone who is anointed is a “messiah.” In 1973 A.D., a man named As Sayyid Mahmud who was my teacher and guide at the time anointed me at the junction of the two Niles; for this reason I am a Messiah… My guidance comes from the MOST HIGH, ALLAH. My job as a Messiah, like other Messiahs prior to me is:

1. To re-teach people At Tawhiyd.
2. To reset-up the Tabernacle of the MOST HIGH; which is a place of worship, an place to perform sacred offerings and a place of dwelling.
3. To restore and re-establish the laws of the MOST HIGH; get people to follow only the laws of the Divine Scriptures as oppose to the scriptures made by man such as Hadiyth.
4. To remind people that if they are not following Divine Scriptures of the MOST HIGH---such as the Sunnis; they will suffer the same fate as the people before them---Sodom and Gomorrah.
5. To heal people of incurable diseases physically and ……

*It should be noted that Imam ‘Isa has written his own translation of the Quran which is used by this group.

**The name “York” comes from Isaa’s mother’s previous marriage in 1941 to a Portuguese man name David York. He was nicknamed “Dwight” after his maternal grandmother’s (Leila Williams) father.

***Example of one of his assertions from The Ansaar Cult: Rebuttal to the Slanderers (p. 18) is as follows:

As for being Muslims, Imaam Isa (as they called him) repeatedly said, "We are not like other Muslims. Our concept of Allah is not the same as yours....we do not believe in all of your Hadith, only if it matches the Qu'ran.....Sunnah is not something you read, it's something you live". When someone asked him if he was a Muslim, his reply was...."Only by what the word Muslim means, that is one who is of peace. Not by religion. And not by their defintion of submitter".


wpe89.jpg (3612 bytes)The United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors is a predominantly black group that had its beginning in the late 1960s – early 1970s – as the Ansaru Allah Community, which was supposedly an orthodox Muslim community of mostly black Americans following basic Islamic ideology, costume and religious practices. It was started in Brooklyn, New York, some years after Dwight York, then 19, spent three years in a New York state prison following his conviction of assault, resisting arrest and possession of a dangerous weapon.

wpe8A.jpg (8305 bytes)wpe8B.jpg (6122 bytes)He proved always to have been a charismatic leader, and attracted Black American followers with his mixture of Islam, Black supremacy and white hatred teachings. Later also came the promise of salvation for a select 144,000, whom he would choose.

York’s Ansaaru Allah group came under FBI scrutiny, and was also examined carefully by Muslims, including Muslim scholar, Abu Ameenah Bilal Philips. Philips, now a teacher in the United Arab Emirates, wrote a book on York’s group entitled ‘The Ansar Cult’ in which he described Ansaru Allah as an ‘heretic, pseudo-Muslim sect.’ The book included a Muslim cleric’s decree that no true Muslim should be associated with the Ansaaru Allah group. It wasn’t long before York dropped all Muslim religious practices and moved to Georgia. Here Dwight York and his group adopted ancient Egyptian practice and clothing, and decorated their ranch/farm with Egyptian-style pyramids, obelisks and statues.

Over the years Imaam Isaa has given himself various names and aliases, including: ‘The Supreme Grand Hierophant: Amun Nebu Re,’ Akhtah Isa Abdullah, Isa Muhammad, Imaam Isaa, Imaam Isaa Abu-Bakr, Imaam Isaa Al-Haadi Al-Mahdi, Rabboni, Yashuah, Melchisedek, Yanuwn, Nayya, Dr. Malachi Z. York, Chief Black Eagle, the Lamb and Baba [‘Isa’ is the Islamic name for ‘Jesus’].

He has also been referred to as the group’s Saviour and "father', and as an extraterrestrial from the supposed planet ‘Rizq.’

He has called his followers/group by various names as well, including: Nubian Islamic Hebrews, Ansaar Pure Sufi, Nubians, Ansaaru Allah Community, Washitaw Tribe, United Nuwaubian Nation of Moors, Lodge 19 of the Ancient Order of Melchizedek and, more recently apparently, the Holy Seed Baptist Synagogue.

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