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  • Muhammad: Legacy of a Prophet: A film created and produced by Michael Wolfe. The site contains timelines of the prophets life, a virtual hajj, learning tools, and more.
  • Journal of Islam in America Press (JIAP): An educational company founded by Precious Rasheeda Muhammad and dedicated to the growth and development of Islam in America.

































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    The Evolution of the Nation of Islam:
    The Story of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
    Jesus Muhammad-Ali;

    "writes Ali, "this was the Honorable Elijah Muhammad (May Allah Grant him the Mercy), the man who I called grandpa."



    Elijah Muhammad
    Author: Malu Halasa;

    Elijah Muhammad




    An Original Man
    Author: Claude Andrew Clegg;

    "The most definitive biography of Muhammad so far written."









    The Koran
















    As'Salaamu Alaikum Rahmantu'lahi ta''ala
    (Peace Be Unto You With Allah, The Most High's Mercy


    Allah: Allah is the proper name in Arabic for The One and Only God, The Creator and Sustainer of the universe. It is used by the Arab Christians and Israelites for THE God (Eloh-im in Hebrew; 'Allaha' in Aramaic, the mother tongue of Jesus). The word Allah does not have a plural or gender. Allah does not have any associate or partner, and He does not beget nor was He begotten.

    Welcome to our cyberspace.  We are here to remind you of the glorious history of the African Islamic Mission, the legacy of Islam in America among peoples of African descent and the historic struggles of African American Muslims for identity, power and spirituality via the TRUE understanding of the One Allah (Lord, Creator, Sustainer), The Most High, and ALL of the MESSENGERS, LEADERS and SAVIORS of The Most High who came amongst ALL Africans throughout the course of human history to lend guidance and freedom to Our People by means of Right Living, Unity from amongst ourselves and Commitment (struggle) to a Higher Ideal.  We call that philosophy "AFRISLAM".  Those who overstand that are our Family.

    We offer at our site a most comprehensive listings of articles, books, DVD's and information about African Muslims in America and abroad and Real Islam (void of Arab ethnocentric chauvinisms) in general.  We aspire to be a resource and information site for everything Believers, or serious students of Islam (the struggle for Peace),  need to know about African Islamic history, it's personalities and Islamic education.

    We invite you to browse around our site, to come back often for our regularly scheduled updates and to tell your friends and associates about this site that offers Islam in it's purest African Islamic overstanding.  If you have something you would like to contribute to our efforts please use our "contact us" button and send us a link or a message.  Don't forget to sign our Guest Book so we may keep up with our Family.

    "No man has believed perfectly until he wishes for his brother what he wishes for himself."



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     Deeper Roots:
    Muslims in the Americas and the Caribbean Before Columbus

    Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick

    Produced by Abdul Malik Mujahid
    Directed by
    Jawad Jafry
    Did you know that Muslims were in the Americas before Columbus? Islamic scholar and historian Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick provides an eye opening, informative and thoughtful presentation on a little known aspect of American history.

    Did Elvis Presley, Booker T. Washington, Fredrick Douglas and the wife of Abraham Lincoln have Muslim ancestors ?

    How were Muslims able to travel throughout the Americas and the Caribbean long before Christopher Columbus ?

    Islamic scholar and historian Dr. Abdullah Hakim Quick proves that Muslims played a significant role in the West long before the arrival of Christopher Columbus and his "discovery" of America.

    Dr. Quick also reveals how Muslims fought for freedom during the Trans-Atlantic slave trade and how even today, Islam's roots can be seen in the names and ancestry of people living in America and the Caribbean.

    More information:

    Deeper Roots is a must-have video for every student of Western and Islamic history, whether in high school, college or at the doctoral level. This is also a necessary educational tool for libraries in public schools, cities, Islamic centers and mosques.


    CoverRevolution by the Book:
    The Rap Is Live

    Jamil Al-Amin

    It is criminal that, in the 1990’s, we still approach struggle… sloganeering, saying, “by any means necessary,” as if that’s a program. Or, “we shall overcome,” as if that’s a program. Slogans are not programs. We must define the means, which will bring about change. This can be found in… [what] Allah has brought for us in the Qur’an and in the example of the Prophet. Our revolution must be according to what Almighty God revealed.

    The struggle is an ongoing program… When the first slave rebelled against being a slave, he gave an alternative to slavery that has been built upon until now. That’s struggle; and there have been many movements in the struggle—The abolitionist movement, the antislavery movement, the civil right movement, but, the struggle still goes on.

    The mission of a believer in Islam is totally different from coexisting or being the part of the system. The prevailing morals are wrong. Their ethics are wrong. Western philosophy… has reduced man to food, clothing, shelter, and the sex drive, which means he doesn’t have a spirit… Successful struggle requires a Divine Program. Allah has provided that program.


    On the Side of My People
    by Louis A., Jr Decaro

    In On the Side of My People , Louis A. DeCaro, Jr. offers the first book length religious treatment of Malcolm X. Malcolm X was certainly a political man. Yet he was also a man of Allah, struggling with his salvation--as concerned with redemption as with revolution.

    Drawing on a wide variety of sources, including extensive interviews with Malcolm's oldest brother, FBI surveillance documents, the black press, and tape-recorded speeches and interviews, DeCaro examines the charismatic leader from the standpoint of his two conversion experiences--to the Nation while he was in jail and to traditional Islam climaxing in his pilgrimage to Mecca . Examining Malcolm beyond his well-known years as spokesman for the Nation, On the Side My People explores Malcolm's early religious training and the influence of his Garveyite parents, his relationship with Elijah Muhammad, his often overlooked journey to Africa in 1959, and his life as a traditional Muslim after the 1964 pilgrimage. In his critical analysis of The Autobiography of Malcolm X, DeCaro provides insight into the motivation behind Malcolm's own story, offering a key to understanding how and why Malcolm portrayed his life in his own autobiography as told to Alex Haley.

    Inspiring and necessary, On the Side My People presents readers with a Malcolm X few were privileged to know. By filling in the gaps of Malcolm's life, DeCaro paints a more complete portrait of one of the most powerful and relevant civil rights figures in American history.


    Book CoverAmerican Jihad :
    Islam After Malcolm X

    Barboza, who converted to orthodox Islam in 1975, introduces 50 members of the growing American Muslim population [including Amiyr Latiyf from AIM]. With gentle proselytizing, the narratives and interviews relate conversion memories, immigrant tales, and other anecdotes about the U.S. Islamic experiences. The era of El Hajj Malik El-Shabazz (Malcolm X) and the Nation of Islam are instant images of American Muslims. Barboza interviews many from that era, including the famous (Muhammad Ali, Louis Farrakhan, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar) and the unknown (prison converts and others influenced by Malcolm X), as well as some foreign-born and pre-Malcolm Muslims. Barboza conveys the impact of Malcolm X on Islam's rapid growth and the American Muslims' struggle for acceptance while trying to cultivate our understanding of the religion through conversations with diverse practitioners. Grouped in themes addressing a particular aspect of jihad (an effort or strife), the interviews are engaging reading for all audiences.-



    "Arab Conspiracies Against Islam"

    The theme 'The Arab conspiracies against Islam' is thought provoking rather than a controversy. The book drew a line in making the distinction between what is Arabic religion and what is Islam. Non-Muslims around the world who know very little about Islam will be overwhelmed to discover the nucleus of bigotry dominating the Arabic religion. It also explains why the followers of the Arabic religion around the world are downtrodden and humiliated, and why the majority of them became redundant and think radically and why they prefer violence instead of tolerance.

    For example, they condemn people around the world as infidels for worshiping idols or icons carved from the mountain rocks and fervently declared Jihad against them as a battle for the sake of Allah. But they feel sanctified when they bow and prostrate to a rock structure carved by the Arabs. They call Allah when they aggress and they also call Him when oppressed. But the same Allah seems to have abandoned them - all the time.

    This book gives details how the primitive Arabic culture and tribal laws infiltrated into Islam featuring it as a religion espousing terrorism, fanaticism and inward looking. The author unveils the evidences from the Qur'an to prove the innovator of the Arabic religion has truly corrupted the scripture instilling a dogmatic creed satiated with uncultured and the nastiest barbaric way of life. In his study the truth has indeed emerged which strongly contrast with the present controversies.

    The research is useful for those who are seeking for a subject such as the one detailed in this book. It will become much clearer when the readers set aside ideological hypothesis and, as their sole criteria, rely on established facts, logical deduction, and the power of reasoning.
    FROM THE AUTHOR:  I must state that my real name is not Aidid Safar. The Arabic religion today is insanity sometimes masquerading as a shaggy dog story. From Morocco to the Philippines, over one billion people have been fooled to be happily part of this insanity.

    Others have had death sentence pronounced upon them for saying much less than what I am saying in this book. In many so-called 'Muslim' countries, my authorship of this book will mean persecution, prosecution, imprisonment and may be even death at the hands of more than insane followers of the Arabic Religion. However the message is always more important than the messenger. Throughout history, bearers of messages deemed as bad have sometimes been killed. On the other hand, bearers of messages deemed as good have often been idolized. I wish to avoid both these fates. I shall remain Aidid Safar. But still we are here.


    One of the most controversial books in America: 
    The Secret Relationship Between Blacks and Jews
    by: Historical Research Department of the Nation of Islam
    Banned in Canada - Banned by Barnes & Noble and Borders

    The Honorable Minister Louis Farrakhan says of this book"

    Describes the tremendous indifference to the pain and suffering caused to African families and the obvious loss of life resulting from Jewish policy which claimed that it was more profitable to kill a slave after seven years then feed him or her nutritional food and keep them alive longer. Many contemporary health problems within the African-American population can be traced back to the slavery era in which their ancestors were fed only on molasses (residue of fermented sugar).  This book is remarkably well researched. The quotes are all from Jewish sources and no others are included because of the risk of anti-Shemitic bias.


    Gospel of Barnabas

    Gospel of Barnabas
    Lonsdale Ragg - This was by far one of the MOST personal and revealing accounts of the sermons of Jesus as recorded by the Disciple whom Jesus loved, Barnabas. Barnabas was one of the two men to be chosen by the 11 apostles to fill in for Judas' vacant seat in the apostle hood. He was with Jesus from the baptism, to the Ascension. Jesus personally asks Barnabas to hold these words close to him. For he knew of the people making up stories about his Divinity and mission. Banned by the church. One of the new testament "Apocrypha" meaning "hidden from the people". Reading this changed my life and gave me a deeper and closer love of the most misunderstood man ever, Jesus, son of Mary. Highly recommended.


    Accept Your Own and Be Free from Mental Slavery

    Sheik Charles Brown-El - sets out to eradicate the 200-year-old perception that Negro, Black, and Colored are races or nationalities. The book is based on the oft-ignored doctrine of Prophet Noble Drew Ali and the Moorish Science Temple of America, whose sole purpose is to retrieve the lost heritage that was stripped away during slavery.


    Islam, Black Nationalism and Slavery: A Detailed HistoryIslam, Black Nationalism and Slavery: A Detailed History
    by Adib Rashad

    From the origin of Islam in Arabia to the empires of Ghana, Mali and Songhai, the author recounts the contributions Africans made to growth of Islam and the significant influence the religion had on the peoples of that continent. He proceeds to describe the impact of slavery on African Muslims brought to the Americas and the role Islam played in their surviving the ordeal of bondage. In his fascinating study, author identifies the major landmarks in the history of Muslims in America, documenting Muslim slaves of the pre-civil war era and explaining the rise of modern Islamic movements in the cities of the United States. The book offers vivid profiles of such powerful historical figures as Marcus Garvey, Noble Drew Ali, Elijah Muhammad, Malcolm X and the leaders of black power movement. It also present biographical sketches of contemporary Muslim leaders, including Louis Farrakhan, W.D. Mohammad, Jamil al-Amin and others who contributed to the present African-American Islamic consciousness.


    padBlack Pilgrimage to Islam
    Robert Dannin
    328 pg HB with Dust Jacket

    From the Inside Cover of this Oxford University title: "Can Islam help African Americans overcome the legacy of slavery and decades of racial oppression? How does the strict Islamic lifestyle accommodate mainstream American values? Will fiercely independent African-American women yield to Islamic law? Why would African-Americans fashion themselves into a "double minority" by converting to Islam?"

    Includes a 12-page photographic journey.


    In Black Pilgrimage to Islam, Robert Dannin gives us a rare and fascinating insight into the minds and sensibilities of Black Americans who have embraced Islam. His research is impeccable, his judgments are acute, and his prose is uncommonly graceful. This book is an important contribution to American social history. Howard Zinn, author of A People's History of the United States

    The Nation of Islam has long monopolized the media coverage of the rising influence of Islam among African Americans. Black Pilgrimage to Islam is the history of the far larger, yet largely misunderstood, story of conversion to ORTHODOX Islam in the African American Community.

    Can Islam help African Americans overcome the legacy of slavery and decades of racial oppression? Will it redeem hardened gangsters from lives saturated by narcotics and violent crime? Is it possible to face toward Mecca in prayer while simultaneously resisting the influence of foreign missionaries who disdain the American way of life? Will fiercely independent African-American women play by the rules and accept polygamous marriage?

    The religious landscape of America is under its most intense scrutiny in recent memory. Unfortunately a significant part of that landscape has not been thoroughly surveyed. Until now."


    Product image for ASIN: 0253216303

    Islam in the African-American

    Author: Richard Brent Turner;

    Malcolm X and, more recently, Louis Farrakhan are two of the more visible signs of Islam's influence in the lives and culture of African Americans. Yet, as Richard Brent Turner shows, the involvement of black American with Islam reaches back to the earliest days of the African presence in North America. Part I of the book explores these roots in the Middle East, West Africa, and antebellum America. Part II tells the story of the 'Prophets of the City'--the leaders of the new urban-based African-American Muslim movements in the twentieth century.


    Islam And The Black American
    by Sherman A. Jackson

    Sherman Jackson offers a trenchant examination of the career of Islam among the blacks of America. Jackson notes that no one has offered a convincing explanation of why Islam spread among Blackamericans (a coinage he explains and defends) but not among white Americans or Hispanics. The assumption has been that there is an African connection. In fact, Jackson shows, none of the distinctive features of African Islam appear in the proto-Islamic, black nationalist movements of the early 20th century. Instead, he argues, Islam owes its momentum to the distinctively American phenomenon of "Black Religion," a God-centered holy protest against anti-black racism.


    Malcolm and the Cross:
    The Nation of Islam, Malcolm X, and Christianity

    Author: Louis A. Decaro;

    DeCaro continues his religious biography of Malcolm X (begun in On the Side of My People, 1996), shifting from the continuity of Islam in Malcolm's development to the impact of Christianity, particularly the distortion known as "white" Christianity. He again recognizes the influence of Louise Little, Malcolm's mother, in modeling an open but critical embrace of many religious and spiritual traditions and avoiding fanatical religiosity. Such an embrace characterizes DeCaro's critical assessment of the Nation of Islam and white Christianity alike. DeCaro, who admits to pastoral motives, expects his work to rouse anger, which for a book true to Malcolm X should not be surprising. Readers will come away from it with a better understanding of Malcolm X--and the Nation of Islam, Louis Farrakhan, and Billy Graham, too--and with a greater appreciation of the revolutionary potential of religious ideas in confrontation with such distortions as those that have sustained racism throughout U.S. history. (review 1)

    The mythic figure of Malcolm X conjures up a variety of images--black nationalist, extremist, civil rights leader, hero. But how often is Malcolm X understood as a religious leader, a man profoundly affected by his relationship with Allah?

    During Malcolm's life and since, the press has focused on the Nation of Islam's rejection of integration, offering an extremely limited picture of its ideology and religious philosophy. Mainstream media have ignored the religious foundation at the heart of the Nation and failed to show it in light of other separatist religious movements. With the spirituality of cultic black Islam unexplored and the most controversial elements of the Nation exploited, its most famous member, Malcolm X, became one of the most misunderstood leaders in history.


    A Handbook of Halaal & Haraam Products (Handbook of Halaal & Haraam Products)A Handbook of Halaal & Haraam Products
    Author: Zaheer Uddin;

    Praises from Muslim leaders: "Every Muslim must read this book" (Imam Siraj Wahhaj, Vice President, ISNA); "This handbook leaves no excuse for anyone to consume anything what is lawful." (Aisha al-Adawiya, Director, Women in Islam); "It is an excellent and useful book for every Muslim household." (Mawlana Mohammed G. Nadvi, President, Darul "Uloom al-Islamiah of America); "It is an unparalleled source of ready, easy-to-use and accessible information on the status of food products and items." (Omar Bin Abdullah, Editor Islamic Horizons); "An excellent guide for buying Halaal food and items in North America" (Shaikh Alpha-Him Jobe, a renowned scholar [late])

    Book Description
    This volume one contains about 6,000 food and non-food items which commonly used among Muslim household in two categories. Under each category, Halaal and Haraam, the items are listed which are permissible and forbidden respectively, for Muslims according to Islamic law. Moreover, there are some very important and informative articles on Islamic dietary laws and food ingredients.


    Black Crescent
    by Michael A. Gomez
    The Experience and Legacy of African Muslims in the Americas

    Beginning with Latin America in the fifteenth century, this book is a social history of the experiences of African Muslims and their descendants throughout the Americas, including the Caribbean. The record under slavery is examined, as is the post-slavery period into the twentieth century.


    The Black Muslims in America
    C. Eric Lincoln

    Islam in Black America: Identity, Liberation, and Difference in African-American Islamic Thought
    Edward E., IV Curtis
  in the United States of America
    Sulayman S. Nyang

    Muslim Communities in North America
    Jane Idleman Smith

    Islam in the African-American Experience
    Richard Brent Turner

    Black Nationalism:
    A Search for an Identity in America

    Essien Udosen Essien-Udom


    The African Islamic Mission - The Gold Book
    Imam Alhaji Obaba Muhammadu

    African Muslim Names:
    Images and Identities

    Sharifa M. Zawawi


    Othello's Children in the "New World": Moorish History and Identity in the African American Experience
    Jose' V. Pimienta-Bey


    Modern Black Nationalism: From Marcus Garvey to Louis Farrakhan
    William L. Van Deburg


    I don't claim to be--
    Isá Abd Allāh Muh̦ammad;ahmad al-Mahdi...;


    An Autobiography (Lawrence Hill & Co.)

    Assata Shakur;

    Revolution by the Book:
    The Rap Is Live

    Jamil Al-Amin

    Inside the Nation of Islam: A Historical and Personal Testimony by a Black Muslim: An article from: The Journal of African American History
    Author: Oscar, Jr. Williams;
    Chronology of Nation of Islam history:
    Highlights of the honorable minister Louis Farrakhan and the Nation of Islam from 1977-1996

    Author: Toure Muhammad;
    Elijah Muhammad and the Ideological Foundation of the Nation of Islam
    Author: Adib Rashad;
    Malcolm X: Visionary:
    El Haj Malik, El Shabazz, and the 21st Century

    Author: Haki R. Madhubuti;
    Book of Divine Names
    Author: Muhammad Abdul Shabazz;
    Names from Africa and their meaning
    Author: Dawud Hakim;
    Understanding self and society:
    An Islamic perspective

    Author: Dorothy Blake Fardan; Buy New: $13.95
    Homosexuality 911:
    Whence came this perversion?

    Author: Alauddin Shabazz;
    Little X:
    Growing Up in the Nation of Islam

    Angell Judie
    Elijah Muhammad on African American Education:
    A Guide for African and Black Studies Programs (African American Educator Series, V. 1)

    Mwalimu I. Mwadilifu;Paperback; $9.95
    Do you dare read-- why the white man is the devil!
    Muhammad Shabazz
    Product image for ASIN: 1556525370

    Children of the Movement
    Author: John Blake;


    Product image for ASIN: 0972519203

    The Evolution of the Nation of Islam
    Author: Jesus Muhammad-Ali;

    Product image for ASIN: 0312181531

    An Original Man
    Author: Claude Andrew Clegg;

    Product image for ASIN: 0932863442

    Islam and the Search for African American Nationhood
    Author: Dennis, Dr. Walker;


    Product image for ASIN: 1414031491

    Dear Holy Apostle
    Author: Betty Muhammad;


    The champion we have in common
    Author: Warith Deen Muhammad;
    Minister Louis Farrakhan, vintage 1970
    Author: Louis Farrakhan;
    The man and the woman in Islam
    Author: Warith Deen Muhammad;
    The legacy of the Honorable Elijah Muhammad
    Author: H. Khalif Khalifah;
    Independent Black Leadership in America
    Author: Lenora Fulani;
    Product image for ASIN: 0915957752

    Muslims in America
    Author: Amir Nashid Ali Muhammad;



    Dr. Naim Akbar

    Dr. Na’im Akbar is a Black Psychologist and Afrocentric Scholar who shares his analyses on personal, national and world issues through his writings, lectures, seminars, radio interviews, television talk shows, and Internet chatrooms.  Dr. Akbar—scholar, author, business owner and lecturer—has been acclaimed by Essence Magazine as “one of the world’s preeminent psychologists and a pioneer in the development of an African-centered approach in modern psychology.”  His message is clear and simple, yet provocative and well grounded:  Black people in America have much greater inner power than they realize, but they must re-discover themselves in order to use it.  Dr. Akbar’s B.A., M.A. and Ph.D. degrees are from The University of Michigan.  He is the autho of many books, including Know Thyself, Visions for Black Men, Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery, and Light from Ancient Africa.  He is currently on the faculty in psychology at Florida State University.

    Know Thy Self
    Naim Akbar


    Visions for Black Men
    Naim Akbar

    Natural Psychology and Human Transformation
    Naim Akbar


    Chains and Images of Psychological Slavery
    Na'Im Akbar

    Breaking the Chains of Psychological Slavery
    Na'Im Akbar


    Light from Ancient Africa
    Naim Akbar

    The Community of Self
    Na'Im Akbar

    From Miseducation to Education
    Na'Im Akbar



    A depiction of an ancient moor

    The name derives from the ancient Berber tribe of the Mauri and their kingdom, Mauritania, which became a Roman province after its last king Bocchus II willed it to Octavian in 33 BC. Mauritania lay in present day Morocco and Western Algeria. The name of Mauri was applied by the Romans to all non-Romanized natives of North Africa still ruled by their own chiefs, until the 3rd century AD. Some scholars propose that the characterization of the Islamic civilization in Iberia as "Moorish" is a misnomer which implies the predominance of Berber traits in the civilization, rather than Arab and Islamic ones. The Muslim conquest of Iberia was undertaken by Arab caliphates. The Arab Umayyad dynasty of Damascus was transplanted to Muslim Spain and was responsible for the incorporation of much of the culture and architecture from the old Umayyad capital. The soldiery of the first wave of invasions was derived predominantly from Berber peoples of North Africa.

    The Golden Age of the Moor
    Ivan Van Sertima


    The Story of the Moors in Spain
    Stanley Lane-Poole;

    They Came Before Columbus : The African Presence in Ancient America
    Ivan Van Sertima;

    Deeper Roots: Muslims in the Americas and the Caribbean Before Columbus
    Abdullah Hakim Quick


    Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour

    Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour is an internationally esteemed attorney, author, and lecturer whose views have garnered worldwide attention;

    Dr. Al-Mansour is an International Attorney and Businessman. His college education was obtained at Howard University, where he majored in Philosophy and Logic, and at the University of California School of Law at Berkeley where he received his Doctor of Jurisprudence degree.

    He is a Phi Beta Kappa recipient and is listed in the World's Who's Who in Finance and Industry, International Who's Who in the Arab World, Who's Who in Public Affairs, Royal Blue Book of London, International Who's Who of Intellectuals, Who's Who in American Law, Who's Who in California, Who's Who in the World and Who's Who in Black America.

    Welcome To Islam
    by Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour
    Reveals the truths which have been hidden from African Americans for centuries. Presented in a logical and balanced way to stimulate thought. A wealth of information includes:

    • Disclosure behind the invasion of Panama.

    • 50,000 Palestinians detained by Israel 
            since the Intifada.

    • Islam the fastest growing religion in the world.

    • The European takeover of Judaism and Christianity.

    • African Americans and the New World Order.

    • How events are manipulated by U.S. news media.

    • Islam or Christianity --- which holds the answer to 
            alcohol, drugs and school dropouts?

    • How to read the Qur’an and the Bible.

    • Insights into strengthening the Islamic connection.

    Christianity, Islam and the African race
    by Dr. Edward Wilmont Blyden

    An excellent book authored by Dr. Edward W. Blyden also known as Abd-ul-Karim, was originally published in 1887, the year in which Marcus Garvey was born. It is nevertheless surprisingly on-target in its analysis for our time and is a must read for every person seriously interested in African and African-American history. The First African Arabian Press obtained publishing rights to reproduce this magnificent work by a remarkable man, an intellectual giant whose contribution to mankind has been hidden from most of us for more than 100 years. 

    Rise 'N Unite - The Black Man's Back
    Author: Khalid A. T. Al-Mansour;
    represents a literary accomplishment. The book's treatment of logic and reason is totally understandable and enjoyable. Dr. Al-Mansour, the author of seventeen previously written books,  insists that the anchor to life and death has everything to do with the framework and competence for systematic reasoning. By using logic, the impossible becomes possible; self-confidence and -esteem flourish; global uncertainty becomes global brotherhood, peace, stability; political corruption becomes political and economic prosperity. 
    The Lost Books of Africa Rediscovered
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    We Charge Genocide represents a literary masterpiece. This well researched and intellectually friendly milestone offers 1,000 pages of bold, blunt answers to questions unanswered for far too long. 
    The seven African Arabian wonders of the world
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour;
    The Black Man's Guide to the Middle East  supplies the missing link in the dynamic role that Africa played in the origin, religion, culture and political life of ancient and contemporary Middle East.
    Betrayal by Any Other Name
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq, Dr. Al-Mansou...;
    systematically answers the controversial question of who truly speaks for African- and Hispanic-Americans. Over 800 attention-riveting pages beginning in Africa, before and during slavery, through the terror of slavery, Civil War and Reconstruction, Civil Rights and Black Nationalism in the United States.
    The strains of modern marriage
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour;
    Traces antecedents and surroundings of the institution of marriage in the west. As suggested by the title, considerable emphasis is devoted to the strains accompanying modern courtship, marriage and divorce. Steps needed to stop the deterioration of the African-American family are also discussed.
    The mind and the mindless
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour;
    offers a rare look into the structure and operation of the print media and the world wide entertainment industry. The movie and record industry, news services, publications and public relations industries are dissected and carefully analyzed.


    Laws without justice
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    Laws Without Justice -- Do You Still Want to be a Lawyer is divided into three extremely interesting parts.
    Cultural dynamism of the 21st century
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    Provides a comprehensive and dynamic review of select ancient, medieval and modern nations and empires throughout world history. The latter part of the book contemplates and predicts the cultural, economic and social profile of the prevailing powers of the 21st Century.
    The Pentecostals
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    The Pentecostals: the good, the bad, the ugly offers explanations of background, expansion and theology of the rapidly growing Pentecostal movement in the U.S., Europe, Latin America  and Third World countries.  
    PC vs TV, can American be saved?
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    traces the history of the computer industry and the technical software problems that must be overcome if the elusive goal of a computer in every home is to be achieved. A revealing assessment of the forthcoming multi-media technology operating in the home.
    The destruction of western civilization as seen throug...
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour;
    provides a unique comparison of the theology, practice and achievements of Islam, Christianity and Judaism in the development of western civilization. It presents a balanced, honest description of the issues surrounding the greatest threat to the survival -- the Arab/Israeli imperative.
    The challenges of spreading Islam in America, and othe...
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    essays discuss the challenge of making Islam relevant to the social, economic and psychological suffering facing African, Asian and Native American communities.
    The role of Islam in the twenty-first century
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    Nothing from nothing leaves nothing
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    The Story of Life and Death explores the basic components of the human personality -- body, mind and spirit, and traces the polar experience of  both life and death. 
    Black Americans at the crossroads
    Author: Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al Mansour;
    presents a penetrating evaluation of  Black leadership in America as well as the futility and absurdity of the integrationist, civil rights movement. White racism is thoroughly discussed  before the author launches a thoughtful and passionate plea for the Pan African Republic.
    The Reflections of an African Arabian
    in American Captivity

    by Dr. Khalid Abdullah Tariq Al-Mansour

    Poses a lesson for Third World countries in search of practical, reliable guidelines to develop a new world order which inures to their benefit. Countries in the Middle East, Asia, Latin America and Africa are provided with a multifaceted litmus test of neo-colonialism.


    Alfred Ali

    Alfred Ali is married and has two children. He is a graduate of Wayne State University with a bachelor's and master's degree in educational administration. He is a school teacher and a member of the Detroit Fire Department. He grew up as a Methodist but accepts Islam in 1970 and now dedicates his life to revealing religious myths and falsehoods.


    Blackman's Stolen Birthright: Stolen Knowledge of God
    Alfred Ali



    Black Man Let Us Make Man in Our Image
    Alfred Ali




    Sixty-Four Years to Make a Negro: The Merchandising of the Blackman and Woman in America
    Alfred Ali

    Resurrection of the Dead
    Alfred Ali;




    The Two Faces of Man: Blackman Is Captured Like a Lion in a Cage
    Alfred Ali

    (Man is God or the Devil!)

    Man is a saint and sinner, rich and poor, animal and divine. To be divine, one must renounce the sinner within self.


    Ali25.jpg (17836 bytes)

    White Lies Black People Believe
    Alfred Ali

    Aali5.jpg (22860 bytes)

    Alfred Ali - The White men of America have always been the educator of most Black men and women ever since the Blacks landed in this country. Black people were not allowed to read or write, and the LIES that were instilled in their minds have enslaved them more than the physical slavery.  The White man said he brought us here to benefit our lives, but instead he robbed us of our identity with orchestrated lies. Even some Blacks still believe those lies to this very day. The lies go on and do not end with the Blacks. Even the Indians (Native Americans) are the savage ones and the White men brought civilization. "Sure! Who are you kidding?" The truth is, the result of all these lies created monumental social problems still present with us today.


    Imam El Hajj Malik Shabazz
    (Malcolm X)

    "A race of people is like an individual man; until it uses its own talent, takes pride in its own history, expresses its own culture, affirms its own selfhood, it can never fulfill itself."

    Now you may be shocked by these words, but I have eaten from the same plate, drunk from the same glass, and prayed to the same God with fellow Muslims whose eyes were blue, whose hair was blonde, and whose skin was the whitest of white. And we were all brothers. True. People of all colors and races believing in one God, in one humanity.

    Now my first concern, of course, is with the group to which I belonged. For we more than any others are deprived of our inalienable rights. But I believe the true practice of Islam can remove the cancer of racism from the hearts and the souls of all Americans.

    The Autobiography of Malcolm X
    Malcolm X's searing memoir belongs on the small shelf of great autobiographies. The reasons are many: the blistering honesty with which he recounts his transformation from a bitter, self-destructive petty criminal into an articulate political activist, the continued relevance of his militant...

    Growing Up X
    Ilyasah Shabazz;Hardcover;

    Prophetic Voice of Malcolm X
    Author: Malcolm X;

    Malcolm X and the Negro Revolution
    Author: Malcolm X;

    The Malcolm X Encyclopedia
    Robert L. Jenkins;


    Betty Shabazz: Sharing the Vision of Malcolm X (African-American Biographies)
    Laura S. Jeffrey;Library Binding;

    Final Chapter: I Buried Malcolm

    Malcolm X on Afro-American History
    Author: Malcolm X;

    Betty Shabazz:
    A Remarkable Story of Survival and Faith Before and After Malcolm X

    Myrlie Evers-Williams;Hardcover;

    Yacub's history
    Author: Malcolm X;

    Product image for ASIN: 0873485432

    Malcolm X
    Author: Malcolm X;


    Product image for ASIN: 0873486285

    Malcolm X Talks to Young People
    Author: Malcolm X;

    The speeches of Malcolm X at Harvard
    Author: Malcolm X;

    Product image for ASIN: 1559700068

    The End of White World Supremacy
    Author: Malcolm X;

    I'm talking to you, white man
    Author: Malcolm X;

    Product image for ASIN: 0802132138

    Malcolm X Speaks
    Author: Malcolm X;


    Product image for ASIN: 0873487540

    By Any Means Necessary
    Author: Malcolm X;

    What Our Scholars Say About Imam Al Hajj Malik Shabazz

    Malcolm X
    Author: Haki R. Madhubuti;
    Political Legacy of Malcolm X
    Author: Oba T'Shaka;
    Malcolm X-- a revolutionary martyr, a true African int...
    Author: Omali Yeshitela;
    The angry children of Malcolm X
    Author: Julius Lester;
    The spirit of Malcolm
    Author: Muhammad Armiya Nu'Man;
    Manning Marable on Malcolm X
    Author: Manning Marable;
    Black news reprints on Malcolm X
    Author: Karenga;
    Myths about Malcolm X
    Author: Albert B Cleage;
    War in America
    Author: Imari Abubakari Obadele;
    The legacy of Malcolm X and the struggle to defeat the...
    Author: Ahmed Obafemi;


    Mustafa El-Amin

    Imam Mustafa El-Amin

    Imam Mustafa El-Amin is not only a very powerful lecturer, but he is also a very knowledgeable and insightful author. He has written eight books on the subjects of Al-Islam, Freemasonry, family relationships, Malcom X, Afrocentricity, and the Prophet Abraham. He is a loyal and dedicated supporter of Imam W. Deen Mohammed.

    He holds a BA Degree in community development and a Masters Degree in Public Administration from Rutgers University and well as a certificate in public education from Jersey City State College. Imam El-Amin resides in Newark New Jersey where he works as an educator in the Newark school system and runs his own production company.

    African American Freemasons: Why They Should Accept Al-Islam
    Mustafa El-Amin

    Religion of Islam and the Nation of Islam: What Is the Difference?
    Mustafa El-Amin;

    Al-Islam Christianity and Freemasonry
    Mustafa El-Amin

    Abraham's Legacy: Ancient Wisdom & Modern Reality
    Mustafa El-Amin;

    Father & Son Relationship : Looking Towards The Future
    Mustafa El-Amin;

    Freemasonry: Ancient Egypt and the Islamic Destiny
    Mustafa El-Amin;

    Christianity and Islam: Highlighting Their Similarities the Road to Peace
    Mustafa El-Amin;

    Afrocentricity: Malcolm X and Al-Islam
    Mustafa El-Amin;



    elijah muhammad
    Honorable Elijah Muhammad - born October 1879, passed in 1975.  The teachings of the Elijah Muhammad would have a profound impact on Black American life. In a small amount of time the Nation of Islam became well known throughout the United States, buying land, opening businesses, and increasing its growth. Its strict moral discipline, devout religious adherence, healthy lifestyle, and seemingly miraculous ability to convert even those individuals whom many deemed "beyond hope", drew many to its ranks.
    Through the decades Elijah Muhammad and the NOI's messages of self-help, self-sufficency, self-defense, and self-love have shaped deeply the path of black politics. Elijah's legacy continues today as his teachings create converts throughout America and the Black world.

    Message to the Blackman in America
    by Elijah Muhammad
    According to countless mainstream news organs, Elijah Muhammad, by far, was the most powerful black man in America. Known more for the students he produced, like Malcolm X, Louis Farrakhan and Muhammad Ali, this controversial man exposed the black man as well as the world to a teaching, till now, was only used behind closed doors of high degree masons and shriners. An easy and smart read. Mother Plane
    Elijah Muhammad

    The Fall of America
    Elijah Muhammad


    Police Brutality
    Elijah Muhammad


    The Theology of Time: (The Secret of the Time)
    Elijah Muhammad

    The Science of Time
    Elijah Muhammad


    Christianity Versus Islam
    Elijah Muhammad


    The Tricknology of the Enemy
    Elijah Muhammad


    Jesus: Only a Prophet
    Elijah Muhammad


    The Supreme Wisdom: Solution to the So-Called Negroes' Problem
    Elijah Muhammad

    The Secrets of Freemasonry
    Elijah Muhammad

    Black Power: The Destruction of The Unknown
    Elijah Muhammad


    History of the Nation of Islam
    Elijah Muhammad

    Our Saviour Has Arrived
    Elijah Muhammad


    The Foundation Years of Elijah Muhammad - Vol. 1
    Elijah Muhammad

    How to Eat to Live, Book 1
    Elijah Muhammad


    Blood-Bath: The True Teaching of Malcolm X "Seldom Told"
    Elijah Muhammad

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855156

    How to Eat to Live, Book 2
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    Yakub: The Father of Mankind
    Elijah Muhammad


    Product image for ASIN: 1884855350

    The Divine Sayings of Elijah Muhammad
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    Product image for ASIN: 1884855091

    100 Answers to the Most Uncommon 100 Questions
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855075

    The History of Jesus' Birth, Death and What It Means t...
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855261

    The Flag of Islam
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855237

    I Am the Last Messenger of Allah
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    Product image for ASIN: 1884855318

    The True History of Master Fard Muhammad
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855407

    The Dragon
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    Product image for ASIN: 1884855229

    Elijah Muhammad Meets the Press
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;

    Product image for ASIN: 1884855431

    The Foundation Years of Elijah Muhammad, 1958-1962
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    Product image for ASIN: 1564110281

    The Knowledge of the messenger of Allah
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;


    The Teachings of Both Bible &\; Holy Qur'an as Taught By...
    Author: Elijah;
    The Muslim recipe book
    Author: Elijah Muhammad;



    Abu 'Uthman 'Amr ibn Bakr Al Basri Al Jahiz (ca. 776-869)

    .... wrote more than two hundred books of history, natural science and commerce, as well as of poetry. He is credited with bringing clarity and precision to Arabic prose expression.

    "The Ethiopians, the Berbers, the Copts, the Nubians, the Zaghawa, the Moors, the people of Sind, the Hindus, the Qamar, the Dabila, the Chinese, and those beyond them...the islands in the seas...are full of Blacks...up to Hindustan and China."
    Book of the Glory of the Black Race

    Writes: RUNOKO RASHIDI: "The Book of the Glory of the Blacks Over the Whites is a remarkable document.  It includes penetrating commentaries on great African heroes such as Antarah the Lion, Lokman--the celebrated sage of the East--and the African ancestry of the Prophet Muhammad himself.  According to Al-Jahiz, Abd al-Muttalib, the guardian of the sacred Kaaba, "fathered ten Lords, Black as the night and magnificent."  One of these men was Abdallah, the father of the Prophet Muhammad.
    Product image for ASIN: 1859641415

    The Book of Misers
    Author: Al-Jahiz;

    Book CoverEpistle on Singing Girls
    Approaches to Arabic Literature
    Author: Al-Jahiz;

    Book CoverChance or Creation?: God's Design in the Universe
    Author: Jahiz;
    Book of the Glory of the Black Race
    Author: Abu'Uthman Amr Ibn Bahr Al-Jahiz;
    The life and works of Jahiz; (The Islamic world series)
    Author: Jahiz;
    Sobriety and Mirth
    Author: Abu Uthman Amir Ibn Bahir al-Jahiz;
    Book CoverAvarice and the Avaricious
    Author: Aby 'Uthman al-Jahiz;
    Book CoverNine Essays of Al-Jahiz
    Author: D. Jahiz;


    Image Not Available
    Bilal ibn Rabah, a leading companion of the Prophet Muhammad
    Author: Muhammad Abdul-Rauf;

    The Course of Islam in Africa
    (Islamic Surveys)

    Author: Mervyn Hiskett;

    African Muslims in Antebellum America:
    Transatlantic Stories and Spiritual Struggles

    Author: Allan D. Austin;

    A condensation and updating of the author's African Muslims in Antebellum America: A Sourcebook, this book features the stories of nearly 80 Africans brought to America as slaves between 1730 and 1860.

    Product image for ASIN: 0821412140African Islam and Islam in Africa:
    Encounters Between Sufis and Islamists

    Author: Eva Evers Rosander;

    The collection highlights the variety of perspectives which exist within Islamic thought, and also the important interaction between Islam and Politics in Africa. Scholars in the field will find the essays thought-provoking and a valuable addition for advanced undergraduate and graduate reading lists.

    Black People and Their Place in World History
    Author: Leroy Vaughn MD;


    The famous Arab historian Ibn Khaldun says that the name Ifriqiya was given after Ifriqos bin Qais bin Saifi, one of the Kings of Yemen. To Al-Bakri, the boundries of Ifriqiya were Barga on the East and Tangier on the West, which means that in addition to the Africa proper of the Romans, it included Tripolitania, Numidia and Mauritania. Today, by the use of the word Ifiriqiya or Africa, the Arabs as well as non-Arabs mean the entire continent of Africa which includes North Africa (including the Maghrib), East Africa, West Africa, Central Africa, and South Africa. It was significant that the first shelter of early Muslims was in Africa (Abyssinia, 615 CE).

    Cover of a children's book about the great West African King Mansa Musa

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