Jews are generally assumed to be white, as evidenced by the common reference to Blacks in the faith as "Black Jews." At the same time, many Blacks who maintain Hebraic culture and tradition see their belief as not faith, but nationality, and prefer to be called "Israelites." Still, this is not a book about race, it is about the differences in belief, practice and perception of two distinct groups of people- who claim the same heritage. "ISRAELITES AND JEWS: THE SIGNIFICANT DIFFERENCE" is about the dissimilarity in culture, thought and practice adhered to by Jews and Israelites.

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FINAL RESOLUTION: The Separation of Truth and Lies in the Bible

Cohane Michael Ben Levi, priest, and Hebrew scholar has refused to let these matters go unchallenged. At the risk of stepping into the tinder box which is modern theology and religion, he has decided to take on the greatest of challenges: our belief in the Holy Scriptures. Read this work with full knowledge that sensitive relationships are at stake in this era. Not just the relationships with friends and family…but most significantly, with Yah, the Creator of the Universe.”
..................................................Prince Immanuel Ben Yehuda

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