Web Marketing Solutions For Small Businesses 
                   We at InterNet Business Managers (INBM) have the unique
                   opportunity to help you market and sell your products
                   with minimum effort on your part! 

                  In today's competitive marketplace, providing your
                  customers with convenient payment options is almost as
                  important as selling a quality product or service.  Research
                  shows that today's consumers are increasingly choosing
                  checks, credit and debit cards as their preferred methods of
                  payment. That's why it's so important that you have the best
                  equipment and support available to your customers for
                  processing their non-cash transactions. 

                 Why Sign Up With INBM?

                 At INBM, we put small businesses in the competition 
                 by placing their products in our web stores, giving small
                 companies the competitive edge with our quality equipment
                 and comprehensive Retail Merchant Services. INBM is a
                 single source for your business' Internet needs providing: 

  • Marketing Solutions 
  • Hosting, 
  • Web Designing, 
  • Domain Name Registration and 
  • E-mail Services 
             But, most importantly, we process all
             non-cash transactions for your products
  • Visa, 
  • MasterCard, 
  • American Express, 
  • Discover/Novus 
  • Debit/ATM cards and 
  • Checks 

All this at an affordable price! 


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